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Mnemosyne Gates
Mnemosyne Gates Today, 13:47
Honestly my favourite Korn song!
Jimbob McSporren
Jimbob McSporren Today, 13:02
Best Korn song in years - Fucking brilliant!!!
Phoenix Riggs
Phoenix Riggs Today, 12:50
Evolution of music once again.My opinion
MsShitNugget Today, 10:33
Congratulations, Jon. (DMT)
Kari ewe
Kari ewe Today, 10:21
Es la melodía más hermosa 😖✨💖
Unknown Today, 09:45
Giorgio Belluscio
Giorgio Belluscio Today, 09:13
Shit, that’s heavy.
cyclopsvideo1 Today, 08:11
Cant wait to hear the whole album.This sounds good,getting heavy again.
LITHA 🎵 Today, 07:16
Meu coração ❤️
Robert bob
Robert bob Today, 05:59
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Today, 05:20
This makes me want to switch my grandmas insulin with heroin
Carlos David Jaimes
Carlos David Jaimes Today, 02:58
This is not so nu thing that mekes it better
luis acosta
luis acosta Today, 02:55
Jesus Christ this is SHIT!!! Bring back the old korn this shit sounds like any other hot topic band.
Reformed Kirbz
Reformed Kirbz Today, 00:28
damn its a good year for metal with this and slipknot new album
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis Yesterday, 23:30
Lovin it jonathan!!!
ABOVE BELOW Yesterday, 21:20
This is nasty
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis Yesterday, 20:33
Seeing korn live for the 2nd time in 2 days. Can’t wait, just wished this song was on their setlist but it’s not.
Dżaro Orażd
Dżaro Orażd Yesterday, 19:23
In recent years Korn's work is hard empty playing without emotions it's a shame they play for the audience what they want to hear instead of from the heart
Eugene Ray
Eugene Ray Yesterday, 18:12
Rad video...
Mabel rocio Guzman garcia
Mabel rocio Guzman garcia Yesterday, 16:38
Gracias a korn mi vida sigue teniendo sentido en este mundo son la mejor creacion de Dios
Nela Jnaebnit
Nela Jnaebnit Yesterday, 16:35
Yo 🤘🏼
Potato Maddie
Potato Maddie Yesterday, 16:33
My parents have raised me very well
james liwag
james liwag Yesterday, 16:32
Jonathan if u reading this.please...stop singing like what you did for korn 111 and take a look inside a mirror.i like what you did on issue and follow the leader groove..
mistake matay
mistake matay Yesterday, 14:32
I love to eat some korndogs
Blue Muffin
Blue Muffin Yesterday, 14:31
I just fcking love it
Erin Pettypiece
Erin Pettypiece Yesterday, 10:48
Fucking sick
Davey J. LoCkeR
Davey J. LoCkeR Yesterday, 10:34
Instant classic 🤘🤘
Project _PND
Project _PND Yesterday, 10:33
My cousin is just and amazing basses in korn, too bad i havent seen him for 9 years, really AMAZING to have you in my family Fieldy
Angel Puente
Angel Puente Yesterday, 07:35
Careful people the video is a journey into the death gate .If you don’t know to exit You can never leave.
Whetsit Tuya
Whetsit Tuya Yesterday, 07:20
You all forgot DisturbedWhere is Limp Bizkit and Deftones?
ZeroX2 Yesterday, 03:58
My fu***ing GOD, I LOVE EVERYTHING, even the art design of the video :)
Black Dynamite
Black Dynamite Yesterday, 03:11
Sounds like their old stuff but still solid af.
My penis is unbelievable small, but bro
My penis is unbelievable small, but bro Yesterday, 01:30
This has a kinda oildale vibe to it
Sam Whitehead
Sam Whitehead Yesterday, 01:21
I'm loving all the new rock releases. This by far takes the cake though
Mr.Goemon Yesterday, 00:51
Compared To Everything KoRn Has Done, I'd Give This Song A 9 Out Of 10.Seriously One Of The Most Consistent Bands Out There!!! 💯
TheDarkWarrior88 15 August 2019 23:25
This is awesome, pretty heavy for Korn kinda caught me by surprise.
Random Slipknot Fan #60409325
Random Slipknot Fan #60409325 15 August 2019 23:20
Does fieldy use super low tension strings. You can heard the strings bouncing off the pickups
LT LT 15 August 2019 22:51
I dig the song and that is some seriously cool MC Escher-looking stuff happening 👍🤘✌️
Armi Productions
Armi Productions 15 August 2019 22:10
Even after all these years Korn is still the best band.
billy no-legs
billy no-legs 15 August 2019 21:50
Whole album sounds like this and I might just listen to it
Dante Pangione
Dante Pangione 15 August 2019 21:16
awsome guys another beautiful day with this song contiune please :) :) ly guys
Bre 02
Bre 02 15 August 2019 20:57
See you August 20th 😝😝😝
Rainy Hailey
Rainy Hailey 15 August 2019 20:52
At 0:57 it always sounds like Before I forget by Slipknot is about to play in the middle of the song and it flips me out
Ted Finch
Ted Finch 15 August 2019 20:15
Jennifer Ely Shelton
Jennifer Ely Shelton 15 August 2019 20:11
Ohhh Myyaahhh....pretty damn spectacular!!!
Scorpion Noiprocs
Scorpion Noiprocs 15 August 2019 19:34
que musica do caralho!
Елки Палки
Елки Палки 15 August 2019 18:39
Nellie Silvers
Nellie Silvers 15 August 2019 18:03
So fan-fuckin'-tastic to see all the good old bands releasing new shit. I'm 41 this year, been listening to these guys since I was a teen and won't be turning away any time soon. Headbanging 80 year old fangin' around in the F6.... that'll be me🤘🏻😁
Manu_BamBam 15 August 2019 17:21
beautiful 3x4
Justin alexander
Justin alexander 15 August 2019 16:56
Who is that doing the screaming vocal's ?
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