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Надежда Надежда
Надежда Надежда Today, 17:47
Nasir Lubis
Nasir Lubis Today, 17:43
Im here because 1cak
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins Today, 17:38
Ja é nona vez que to escutando ! Cade os BR ???
Winston 何 ז 7
Winston 何 ז 7 Today, 17:36
Let us fight racism and homophobia ❤️🌈🌏
SmithMrandMs Today, 17:12
😇😇 👀👂🏼 🙂👍🏼 🔔🥊🙂📱👈🏻🙂 WHEN ANGELS AREN’T SENDiNG MESSAGES THEY WEAR ARMOR AND HAVE FLAMiNG SWORDS 🗡👿🏹⚔️🗡👼🏼🛡🗡👦🏼🛡🗡👼🏼🛡 👿🤜🏻👦🏼 🥴 👿🥊👦🏼 🥴 👦🏼👍🏼KO
Japar Jarkinbek
Japar Jarkinbek Today, 17:12
People who have special talent. Despising by society like this
GLECK Today, 17:12
Great music vid :*)
Cartoon LOL
Cartoon LOL Today, 17:06
Two hearts, one valvePumpin' the blood, we were the floodWe were the body andTwo lives, one lifeStickin' it out, lettin' you downMakin' it rightSeasons, they will changeLife will make you growDreams will make you cry, cry, cryEverything is temporaryEverything will slideLove will never die, die, dieI know that ooh, birds fly in different directionsOoh, I hope to see you againSunsets, sunrisesLivin' the dream, watchin' the leavesChangin' the seasonsSome nights I think of youRelivin' the past, wishin' it'd lastWishin' and dreamin'Seasons, they will changeLife will make you growDeath can make you hard, hard, hardEverything is temporaryEverything will slideLove will never die, die, dieI know that ooh, birds fly in different directionsOoh, I hope to see you againOoh, birds fly in every directionOoh, so fly high, so fly highWhen the moon is lookin' downShinin' light upon your groundI'm flyin' up to let you seeThat the shadow cast is meI know that ooh, birds fly in different directionsOoh, I hope to see you againOoh, birds fly in different directionsOoh, so fly high, so fly highOoh, so fly high, so fly highOoh, so fly high, so fly high
MoneyBolNen Today, 16:38
Ксения Козлова
Ксения Козлова Today, 16:34
На повторе... Бесподобно...
chris crous
chris crous Today, 16:32
The coat of many colors my mamma made for me.
Max GamerZ
Max GamerZ Today, 16:16
Belive in you and you become the beautiful the amazing person
Cinthia Gomez
Cinthia Gomez Today, 16:10
lloré :´v
Bintang Muammar
Bintang Muammar Today, 16:01
Disney: Let's make peoples sadImagine Dragons: Hold my bird 🐦
Tweet Ecah
Tweet Ecah Today, 15:58
0:11 At first I thought tht was sweat..
the dark pubg mobile master
the dark pubg mobile master Today, 15:30
Hythe Today, 15:06
the animation wow
Jaguar Creations
Jaguar Creations Today, 14:58
This is such a powerful song.
levan ivaneishvili
levan ivaneishvili Today, 14:40
The stone on 1:20 ent up this girls happy life...
Rutuja Sonavane
Rutuja Sonavane Today, 14:36
It physically hurt me when she pulled the feathers out
New Stay
New Stay Today, 14:32
So beautyfull
Lisa Salamon
Lisa Salamon Today, 14:27
This is me right now. I am completely going through this right now.Surrounded by so many who do not have their wings yet, but someday they will.. I love having wings. I have earned them & no one is going to stop me from anything. :-D! I see I am not alone! Thank you!!!!
Czussr Today, 14:18
So sadSo beautiful❤❤❤👍✌
islam mbarak
islam mbarak Today, 14:14
I watched this yesterday I am watching it todayI will watch it tomorrow 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
matko2214 Today, 13:55
For me it's beautiful and so motivational :) This song is about being yourself and not being ashamed who I am... So fly high!!!! :) :)
M!st3r-p!xL483 Today, 13:52
Dragon Ball : I can make you cry when Majin Vegeta explodes in the fight against Boo Imagine Dragons : Hold my beer 😂
Deepen rai
Deepen rai Today, 13:36
Lazy_ Demonjustchilling
Lazy_ Demonjustchilling Today, 13:33
This song and video is just my past all together....
Dhruv Vegad
Dhruv Vegad Today, 13:30
The dislikes are from the people who were crying and couldn't see the like button😭😭😭😭
Pierre M L
Pierre M L Today, 13:24
Apprendre la tolérance à nos enfants rendra leur Monde meilleur ! Thanks you for this beautiful song !
Карина Мерзлова
Карина Мерзлова Today, 12:59
Очень классная песня, клип вообще заставил рыдать 😍
Ahristochat Today, 12:52
No, I'm not crying, you are , ;-;
Laurene Adler
Laurene Adler Today, 12:49
Love 💙💙💙💙
Adrika Afrin
Adrika Afrin Today, 12:47
Such a beautiful song and the animation is just out of this world.I couldn't help myself but cry everyone I listen to this 😭😭💕
Alvaro Soler's Greatest Fangirl
Alvaro Soler's Greatest Fangirl Today, 12:16
This song is kind of deprissive... But I still love it who else?? 🙈💘
x_xud Today, 12:09
Watching this after my bird died
Indry A
Indry A Today, 12:08
I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not...
Mohammad Barjabeen
Mohammad Barjabeen Today, 12:05
Best Ever
Wiwwiam nyafton
Wiwwiam nyafton Today, 12:01
I’m not crying,, you are,,
hoai le
hoai le Today, 11:55
Яна Каковина
Яна Каковина Today, 11:49
До слёз! Потрясающая песня и клип!
Jess R
Jess R Today, 10:31
Какие же у них прекрасные песни. Драконы, вы лучшие!
STARLEX Today, 09:58
This is proof that Imagine Dragons can make a song about literally anything
gabby Today, 09:39
I remember icarus was fly in to a sun
gabby Today, 09:38
The animation was cool. It's make me remember "it's okay to be different" i mean just be who u are
KRATO KAT Today, 09:21
bill Niko
bill Niko Today, 09:01
Doctor says: you have 2 mins left to livePatient says: I want to listen this songDoctor says: but it’s 3:43Death says: I’ll give him 1:43 more to live
VinimuPlay Today, 08:59
;-; que triste velho ;-;
Ana BB
Ana BB Today, 08:43
Mr. Pankaj Lakra
Mr. Pankaj Lakra Today, 08:09
After 1000 time still goosebumps
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