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Eduardo Alves
Eduardo Alves Today, 18:34
Blá blá blá blá 😄O resto gostei 😍 Brasil
Hoenn Today, 18:27
This could have passed as the actual video. Lol 😅Katy! 😍
Yannick Ntari
Yannick Ntari Today, 18:10
Taylor Swift orKaty Perry
Jarsoon Today, 18:07
Directors: Let's use alot of paper in this lyric videoKaty Perry: YES!
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Today, 17:48
Nice song
Liam Duggan
Liam Duggan Today, 17:28
Who's the actor of the black guy is
Emil Derecho
Emil Derecho Today, 17:27
Sounds like Stranger Things hihi. =)
medicinally Today, 17:13
so sick of the "subtle" brainwashing. sigh
seiboiK1 Kipgen
seiboiK1 Kipgen Today, 17:10
I become older day by day.Katy you become younger and young.God always be with you
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Today, 16:56
Isn’t Katy Perry a sexual predator?
Điều Kì Diệu
Điều Kì Diệu Today, 16:49
talk 😈
ayen de ala
ayen de ala Today, 16:46
Keirstien Tan
Keirstien Tan Today, 16:45
I thought the thumbnail it was Lele Pons 🤔😂
talia Today, 16:38
sadly relatable
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Today, 16:21
Crazy Average Asian
Crazy Average Asian Today, 16:11
The clock 4+9 = 13 , coincidence ? I bet not
Jhovan Palomo
Jhovan Palomo Today, 16:07
Lovers by Taylor swift
lewis smith
lewis smith Today, 16:04
So relatable
lewis smith
lewis smith Today, 16:03
Can’t wait for the music video!!!
lewis smith
lewis smith Today, 16:03
This is a bop omg
lewis smith
lewis smith Today, 16:02
I love you ❤️
lewis smith
lewis smith Today, 16:01
This is the katy perry I missed 😭😭❤️
Raim TV
Raim TV Today, 15:51
Come on my tv~~^^*♡
Penelope607 Today, 15:46
Nobody:Me in the hallways at High School: 2:45
Ksdivya Kumari
Ksdivya Kumari Today, 15:43
those multiple tabs opening users know the struggle!
Efuar Chs
Efuar Chs Today, 15:00
Debería tener más vistas el vídeo... Donde están los fans de katy perry
ヨツボ Today, 14:56
Remember guys, it's okay to sexually harass people if you're a woman. Nothing happens and nobody cares.
Literally x SCARED x
Literally x SCARED x Today, 14:51
Idk what to say
Potterhead Today, 14:47
Teddy The Bear
Teddy The Bear Today, 14:46
This song is so nice.... And then I heard the news about Kathy being sexual predator.....
1001000 100011
1001000 100011 Today, 14:10
I think Katy needs to get hurt, and have her heart broken. Sometimes the pain is what tells her where it is. All her music feels like small talk. Autotune is also annoying.
Tristan the Gamecat Davies
Tristan the Gamecat Davies Today, 14:00
Damn nearly 200k supporters of a woman who goes around casually sexually assaulting men because she thinks she can get away with it , if it came out Ed Sheeran had sexually assaulted one of his female dancers I wonder if he would still have a career right now Such a double standard this world has
Tinnitus Sex Cures
Tinnitus Sex Cures Today, 13:36
00:53 “Cause now there’s nothing left but... boom.”“A child.” :O“No-“
balkans music
balkans music Today, 13:16
Lazy Mía
Lazy Mía Today, 13:08
So creative!
Born2Sing Today, 13:02
I thought the clickbait was miranda sing's...
Stygian Iron
Stygian Iron Today, 12:16
I can't help but imagine Miley and Liam in the future in this song. It's suddenly too sad.
80xbabyyy Today, 12:12
This song isn't good 😖😬
80xbabyyy Today, 12:10
Jacob Keenor
Jacob Keenor Today, 12:00
fuck yeah!!!!
Thảo Mạc
Thảo Mạc Today, 11:52
Relatable af
Only Music
Only Music Today, 11:51
I Love you Katy 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Miranda Sings09
Miranda Sings09 Today, 11:05
Hi 👋
Alexoxo ML
Alexoxo ML Today, 10:43
I so a sticky paper writes ON IT is small talk when the part in a lifetime with trash
Lee Francis
Lee Francis Today, 10:21
Arya Stark
Arya Stark Today, 10:16
I find it funny that they chose an office setting with awkward co-workers for his video. Best part is at 2:45 "oh sorry, you can walk first. Go ahead. No, you go. I insist. Oh okay." Also, does this video remind anyone else of the show Crazy Ex Girlfriend? Lol
ze ddz
ze ddz Today, 10:12
linh lam binhkita
linh lam binhkita Today, 10:04
Song Comic
Song Comic Today, 09:52
My mum said she could listen to this thru my headphones so I turned it down. She said I never asked to turn it down! I liked it😹 Also I did a cover of this would love the support 😸
Julianna Rosie
Julianna Rosie Today, 09:40
1:27 "small talk" favorite part
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