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MileyCyrusVEVO 6 September 2019 19:55
Jázmin Bogdán
Jázmin Bogdán Today, 21:42
This song is so familiar...
Heunis Hills
Heunis Hills Today, 21:42
"slide away back to the ocean" reference to The Last Song. No I'm not crying.
Synquis Harris
Synquis Harris Today, 21:38
Miley really sung the shit out of this song we gotta realize she’s a grown ass woman now. She’s not Hannah Montana anymore just like our siblings they’re all grown up.
علیرضا فعله گری
علیرضا فعله گری Today, 21:36
Hello very good
Zuzanna R
Zuzanna R Today, 21:28
Sound like early '00! <3
Osiane Joyce
Osiane Joyce Today, 21:27
This song is pretty but so sad at the same time
Marina Santos
Marina Santos Today, 21:24
Celeste C. McCarthy
Celeste C. McCarthy Today, 21:04
There is something so intelligent to this song. Keep on singing spiritual bird xx🌫🌠❤
Mebarak Aqua
Mebarak Aqua Today, 21:04
Miley Cirus it is music very good is very beautifull
Evert Romkes
Evert Romkes Today, 20:53
i can see all de stars in front of me, wen i dream my little fantasy, wen we fly in de sky like a bird so high, en wen it makes me feel like xtcxxx
Kayla Villamor
Kayla Villamor Today, 20:43
Miley, you’re beautiful. Plz stop w the plastic surgery.
Marilyn Mardones Ortiz
Marilyn Mardones Ortiz Today, 20:39
the best song of miley cyrus, congratulations
Giga Tvildiani
Giga Tvildiani Today, 20:19
I made my own lyric video of vma performance please check it out
Anne-Gabrielle Kouam
Anne-Gabrielle Kouam Today, 19:47
This is giving me George Micheal vibes
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser Today, 19:24
Music is maturing......I like it
Malebo Disolwane
Malebo Disolwane Today, 19:23
On repeat all day
mario araujo
mario araujo Today, 19:21
U lesbian
Layla Atwood
Layla Atwood Today, 19:01
I love this song! Thank you Miley.... Love you!!!
Genesis Brown
Genesis Brown Today, 18:47
Chase Jones
Chase Jones Today, 18:42
Check out an amazing cover of this song by the band Fire Tiger ..Search: Miley Cyrus Slide Away cover by Fire Tiger ✌️
Moony Today, 18:05
You're amazing...your song pure perfection....
No Chill
No Chill Today, 18:05
I wanna marry you Miley 💯
Brooke Taylor Williams
Brooke Taylor Williams Today, 17:49
i love this girl SO MUCH 🖤
Dave Today, 17:46
She looks like a 10 year old boy with long hair
Antje Str
Antje Str Today, 17:45
Infidelity and not being able to stick to morals kills every relationship
Iieishii I
Iieishii I Today, 17:42
When I listen to this I suddenly feel depressed..
IZadora music
IZadora music Today, 17:36
one of my favourite songs right now ahhhhhhhhh
Florence Rose
Florence Rose Today, 17:25
GORGEOUS. Would love to hear an acoustic version <3 congrats Miley, your creative soul shines through as always.
BrightNeonBrilliancy Today, 17:25
Didn't expect to like this some for whatever reason but honestly, I'm loving this vibe. It's so bittersweet but it's neither party bop nor have a little cry song. It's kinda in between, and I really like that.
Lu Bel
Lu Bel Today, 17:24
Well these things cannot fullfil human being thats why she feel empty, Like she doesn't belong there...its good its a way. Mercy of cross
Cescooo71 Today, 17:23
Sounds like Lightning Crashes at the beginning
Rose Swanson
Rose Swanson Today, 17:22
SHMUCKED Today, 17:18
She's so dam attractive with her hair grown back out
Aizek Qmino
Aizek Qmino Today, 17:17
It sees like a video from 2012
Pedro Arthur
Pedro Arthur Today, 17:07
Perfeição 😭🙏🏻😍
X gold
X gold Today, 17:03
Noah would have done better on that chorus.
SES Today, 17:00
like her old song bottom of the ocean but grown
ainhoa. mn
ainhoa. mn Today, 16:55
Bianca De wet
Bianca De wet Today, 16:51
I like it cool
Daisy Barber
Daisy Barber Today, 16:46
You are pretty
Kuldeep More
Kuldeep More Today, 16:46
It should have more views. I hate it when the good music gets this less views😩😩
Tori Phillips
Tori Phillips Today, 16:32
I think this song isn't just about Liam; it's also a message to her fans. She's saying that she's changed in the years since she started to shed her Hannah Montana image, and that she's looking back at some of those events (e.g. frequent partying, drugs) with regret. Plus, her relationship with Liam was more serious than her relationships before him. I could have never seen her create a song like this after she split with Nick Jonas.
Gwyn Barrodale
Gwyn Barrodale Today, 16:32
Married 25 years next year, this song speaks to me. why from such a young one?
Mj Isok
Mj Isok Today, 16:06
If this song Lana del Rey sang it, it would be fantastic.
Mj Isok
Mj Isok Today, 16:05
No more good songs for her, sad.
Ava Maria
Ava Maria Today, 15:57
she looks incredibleeeee😩💓
Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris Today, 15:55
You know what MIley...God gave you the talent to sing so beautifully...I hope one day you realize He is by your side and you have grown into not just a pop singer, but a woman with a beautiful voice. Don't throw it away! This is an awesome song and I really hope you wrote it and it came directly from your heart! You are better than the bubble-popping fluzies in Hollywood...I hope you realize that too!
Letícia Manuela Casimiro
Letícia Manuela Casimiro Today, 15:53
I can't say what it is or why but Miley fascinates me for years, her voice is perfect, her personality is perfect. Love u, girl!!
John Ly
John Ly Today, 15:52
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