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Merkeusy Yesterday, 14:57
Now this is a crowd!
OhBlivEUn Yesterday, 06:22
This is my favorite version of the song
Alper Günel
Alper Günel Yesterday, 01:26
Guitar Lover
Guitar Lover 10 September 2019 18:37
Shisui Tomoya
Shisui Tomoya 9 September 2019 20:24
Greatest song of all time.. Respect!
Ed Boy
Ed Boy 8 September 2019 17:49
I wanna see them live so bad.
Julian Suarez
Julian Suarez 7 September 2019 18:09
Fuck yeah!!!!
/ // _/ ///
/ // _/ /// 7 September 2019 17:59
does anyone know how Kirk did the squeal at 2:18? I must know
Tavis White
Tavis White 6 September 2019 00:33
I miss Jason!
Yeeter Meater
Yeeter Meater 5 September 2019 23:32
Personally I’m a newsted guy but I’ll give credit and acknowledge talent
Thibstar3 4 September 2019 21:17
Rob: HEYKirk: WAHJames: YEAHLars: BA DUM TSS
Adde 1997
Adde 1997 4 September 2019 18:51
and people say bass is easy, I have played for 14 Month now, It will be years until I be good as Rob.
JMElder 2 September 2019 02:13
2:17 that screech right before Kirk plays the lick is my favorite part. I wish that were a part of the original somg
Jason Meinhart
Jason Meinhart 1 September 2019 22:19
Robert Trujillo - original crabcore
PaLiaitataliana 1 September 2019 22:16
Rob plis gimme your hair
Skye Lau
Skye Lau 30 August 2019 06:56
That ending solo. Fuck yeah kirk!!
DevilHunter456 29 August 2019 04:43
Only one thing to sayBest crabwalk ever
psycho xv
psycho xv 28 August 2019 10:17
Rob: hey James:yeah Kirk:wahLars: ummmmmm ah ba dum tss
DANIEL DAVIS 27 August 2019 21:28
Who else thinks James should grow his hair back out?
Randy Heafy
Randy Heafy 27 August 2019 13:05
One of the best song of all time. Like always.
Lamine bomb
Lamine bomb 26 August 2019 12:15
who don't like metallica is Motherfuckers okay ..
pablo arraño
pablo arraño 26 August 2019 01:12
jason newsted "my friend of misery", robert trujillo "hey, hey, hey"
TerminatorZXY 25 August 2019 18:27
I thought Jared Dines was on the thumbnail
Hank Johnson
Hank Johnson 24 August 2019 22:48
sounds good to hear some old music again f*** yeah bring the 80s back awesome music was
Дмитрий Смирнов
Дмитрий Смирнов 23 August 2019 17:08
How much I love a metallicа .Ive been listening to her since I was 10. (Russia, Moscow)
AnotherYasuo Main
AnotherYasuo Main 23 August 2019 16:25
Xtr3miX 23 August 2019 04:14
Hi, from Belgium guys... not managed to participate in the concert ... no more tickets. :(
Marvin Engman
Marvin Engman 22 August 2019 06:10
There's comes a time, when the reaper will be summoned 2 the call of duty...!!!
GizzmoD 21 August 2019 23:15
bell tolls just has that special place in the heart of any Metallica fan!
Jacob Prim
Jacob Prim 20 August 2019 22:34
Rob: so James, uh I was wondering if I could do the “hey” part for the song do you think I could just do it?James: sure kid just don’t think about stealing my YEAH YEAH
Ajay Shrestha
Ajay Shrestha 18 August 2019 21:32
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Everton Salermo
Everton Salermo 17 August 2019 20:03
Eu sou o comentário 666
Boeing 747-8I Intercontinental. A.K.A Abhay.
Boeing 747-8I Intercontinental. A.K.A Abhay. 16 August 2019 13:48
Didn't know Metallica played raputin.
FxnWaySheGoes 15 August 2019 22:40
c j
c j 15 August 2019 19:24
@2:50 Aldous Snow, no? He sold out after getting sober, Get Him to Metallic a
Silver Addie Fun Pack
Silver Addie Fun Pack 15 August 2019 15:39
Looks like James over here is really getting into it.
Tatiana Zafer
Tatiana Zafer 14 August 2019 07:04
Frynwik 7
Frynwik 7 14 August 2019 03:23
1:34 lol he hits one of Lars symbols
Ali Gn
Ali Gn 13 August 2019 21:57
هی ادا در بیارید پولهای مردم رو بالا بکشید
RyKaB 13 August 2019 17:40
holy shit i feel bad for Kirk's guitar at the end
Mr.Fantastic 12 August 2019 23:31
Jason was there best bassist the guy could sing and bring bad ass bass sound
Glasshead 12 August 2019 21:52
in the end kirk poped a steroid shot that he had in his pocket
Abianabi Bigel
Abianabi Bigel 10 August 2019 19:57
Salam metalizer from Indonesia,, semoga sehat selalu ,,amin
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone 10 August 2019 12:16
Epic thumbnail
Ville Koistinen
Ville Koistinen 9 August 2019 12:21
Zz top on kanssa amerikasta
HAVOK DAYS 9 August 2019 10:08
Watching this video for around 56th time
stan giles
stan giles 7 August 2019 14:14
I bet Robert the Great could walk thru the crowd while playing , without any problems , who is going to fuck with him .
stan giles
stan giles 7 August 2019 14:12
they touched Robert the great
stan giles
stan giles 7 August 2019 14:12
Crabman is good Jason was good , they just didn't turn up his volume Cliff the best of all .
Billy Izzy
Billy Izzy 6 August 2019 18:43
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