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Yasmeen Akhtar
Yasmeen Akhtar Today, 21:38
This is so shit and depressing
Syerra Noel
Syerra Noel Today, 21:18
That video was awesome!!!
KFCSniper Today, 21:13
Does anybody else want Lana Del Ray and Billie Eilish?
Music studio by Sadman Khan
Music studio by Sadman Khan Today, 21:12
And now people says Billie Eilish makes the best sad music..Lana is goat in this kinda music❤️
Music studio by Sadman Khan
Music studio by Sadman Khan Today, 21:12
And now people says Bellie Eilish makes the best sad music..Lana is goat in this kinda music❤️
Valeriy Vlasenko
Valeriy Vlasenko Today, 21:11
ArtesaDrendora Today, 21:09
Lana Del Rey is not qualified to represent the LBC 👎🏿
Tomasz Cisoń
Tomasz Cisoń Today, 20:54
Muzyka Dance Video🎵👍🏽👍🏽✨🔝💯😍💞🤗😘🙃
purple butterfly
purple butterfly Today, 20:45
so good
pz505 Today, 20:43
Бедная Лана, мечтала о любви, а попался хмырь ((ничего, будет и на твоей улице нехмырь
Pepe Jabka
Pepe Jabka Today, 20:33
Кто со стрима?
Camila Alves
Camila Alves Today, 20:32
I Love You Lana 💕
Fluffy Today, 20:22
Кто от Шевцова?
Наталья Чеботарева
Наталья Чеботарева Today, 20:22
Так будет с тобой. Выйду и вытряхну... Лана респект
Nezervi Today, 20:20
Лагерь для тех кто от Шевцова
Art Dude
Art Dude Today, 20:20
If Bradley was still alive im sure he would like this cover of Doin Time.
TeaFkeN PLAY Today, 20:20
Лайк если от Алексея
Andres Pereda
Andres Pereda Today, 20:19
Google the Ceegix remix of this song, thank me later.
Chris Prait
Chris Prait Today, 20:19
Леша похвалил
Symon Talmach
Symon Talmach Today, 20:18
Хмм, все от Лехи?
Geek_ Art
Geek_ Art Today, 20:18
Кто от Итпедии ))))Да знаю что от него все))))
Nightbot Today, 20:18
привет от лёшы
Засекречено Today, 20:18
Кто от Шевцова?
Конь в Пальто
Конь в Пальто Today, 20:18
От Шевцова привет
Your BUTCH Today, 20:17
Никита Новиков
Никита Новиков Today, 20:17
Тоже от шевцова?
Savely Buchinsky
Savely Buchinsky Today, 20:17
Опять эти подстилки АЙТИПЕДИКА!
Карбон Man
Карбон Man Today, 20:17
Кто от айтипедии)))
Fortnite DanZ
Fortnite DanZ Today, 20:17
itpedia !!! :D
EdwardBomb Today, 20:17
Хто от Алексiя Прядко +
Андрей Глебов
Андрей Глебов Today, 20:17
Давай, напиши, что ты от Шевцова
Nevsky Today, 20:17
Пришел со стрима Шевцова.
Мистер Артист
Мистер Артист Today, 20:17
Vlad Ruben
Vlad Ruben Today, 20:17
Айтипедия тут
vosh vosh
vosh vosh Today, 20:16
Sadders 21
Sadders 21 Today, 20:16
От Шевцова
Juliana Miguez
Juliana Miguez Today, 20:15
El Perreo de la muerte 2 is pretty better than the last Lana del rey´s album, this is sad.
Kamilly Oliveira
Kamilly Oliveira Today, 20:04
Fada sensata 💕💕💕
lucy Blah
lucy Blah Today, 19:55
The fact people are only just finding her from the Ariana Grande song is shocking to me
FEYTY YT Today, 19:51
Rodrigo Ortega
Rodrigo Ortega Today, 19:35
eyeswatermaker Today, 19:35
Attack of the 50 Foot Lana Del Rey.
kiteemm Today, 19:32
1:01 i smell pepsi and cola
ka ho wan
ka ho wan Today, 19:13
Lana summertime queen :)
JO 7Z Today, 19:07
Dont fuck with Godzi-Lana :D
Danny C
Danny C Today, 19:05
Her Botox lips are agitating
EllE EME Today, 19:04
If you like this then you should listen to "The Chain" ( original demo) version.
Ailish Gacha
Ailish Gacha Today, 18:58
I love the vibe how the video looks like It’s in 90’s but the song itself is in 2019
Zoe !
Zoe ! Today, 18:55
Am I the only one who felt like they heard this song already 100 times when they heard it the first time. It feels so familiar but in a good wayEdit: okay I just saw that this is a cover from Sublime so that's probably the reason haha. I do prefer this version tho it's amazing
Sophie Sonozaki
Sophie Sonozaki Today, 18:55
Attack on Titan
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