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Evan Long
Evan Long Today, 18:17
This cured my hangover
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Today, 18:08
They never fail
Jakob N
Jakob N Today, 18:07
ray garrett
ray garrett Today, 18:01
These guys have kicked ass since first album
Andrea Moretta
Andrea Moretta Today, 17:54
mario frink
mario frink Today, 17:53
where is the snare drum?
Amanda D
Amanda D Today, 17:42
Goose bumps. Didn’t know they were working on new stuff but it’s so worth the wait. Literally goose bumps... Pink Floyd of rock.
Game time Dozer!
Game time Dozer! Today, 17:21
Guys believe me Tool is now No 1 on top 100 Billboard artists 🤘🤘🤘
8 c
8 c Today, 17:20
Untouchable Today, 17:18
Will Danny be wearing his Lakers Jersey on this touring cycle?😂
Richard Swagger
Richard Swagger Today, 17:15
I can’t ever turn their music up loud enough.
Ranu Bhatta
Ranu Bhatta Today, 17:12
Rock Music Isn't AliveTOOL : Hold Our Beers 😵
niven telfer
niven telfer Today, 17:12
Well Chris Cornell is one who missed this RIP
Matthew Holda
Matthew Holda Today, 17:04
I like the first line "long overdue" lol and it sounds just like 10,000 days
Tim Davis
Tim Davis Today, 17:04
Lost in a after thought as planets revolve around the sun we are here in this moment love and unity with a since of purpose forever rock on tool
gator 8
gator 8 Today, 16:57
"][" {[]} {[]} ][_ROCKS AGAIN
bishop goodman
bishop goodman Today, 16:57
David Today, 16:48
I have one word for Tool...…..................…......……...….Opeth.
goodeldash Today, 16:45
So good to see youI’ve missed you so much So glad it’s overI’ve missed you so much
Marco Iemmi
Marco Iemmi Today, 16:31
Fabulous, masterpiece!!
SvG Pheonix
SvG Pheonix Today, 16:29
If you are reading this your going to be rich and be asked out by your crushLïkê tö açtivatè
Tanner Key
Tanner Key Today, 16:28
B B Today, 16:26
The intro is what Area 51 sounds like
Ana Salco
Ana Salco Today, 16:24
What a band!!
Saint Germain
Saint Germain Today, 16:23
some of their songs are alright Ticks and LeechesDisposition Meynard did a small vocal part on Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine
John Jay
John Jay Today, 16:14
Hello TOOL. Greetings. Love the great music. Love the new logo. It has a dualistic connotation. This is life, right?
Saint Germain
Saint Germain Today, 16:11
then it takes five years to make lateralus which again is not that impressivelook at that and then listen to Bitches Brewlisten to Spiritual Unity by Albert Aylerlisten to Aqualung compare 10000 day with Live Dead which one is more competent music Dark Star and the Eleven or the pot
Saint Germain
Saint Germain Today, 16:09
aenima was not any good either three years to make thatthe Doors make their first album in six daysFrank Zappa in one year made two double LPs this music today has nothing to show my ears
Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian
Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian Today, 16:08
Go listen to Aenima...
Saint Germain
Saint Germain Today, 16:07
adam jones cannot play like Lou Reed, Eric Dolphy was better than Tool easily, Larry Graham is better than justin chancellor, Robert Hunter wrote better songs than maynard, James Brown had drummers that danny carrey could never play likeSly Stone just laying on a bed made the Family Affair single, Sly Stone produced the album Theres a Riot Goin On; tool however could not fathom making an album like that, lets see tool make anything from Whats Goin On or any of those famous Motown hits they could not
Nicolas Blanckaert
Nicolas Blanckaert Today, 15:54
i'm crying right now
Nicolas Blanckaert
Nicolas Blanckaert Today, 15:53
waited 10 days to listen to it for the 1st time. Got me chills at 0:15 BOOM. It's like... Discovering a Maya temple for the first time...
Mark Fox
Mark Fox Today, 15:49
Totally worth the wait. 🤘
Tim Davis
Tim Davis Today, 15:38
I can't compare this music to any influences it stands alone not like any band before or after tool always pushing the envelope watch it bend
J Fronk
J Fronk Today, 15:36
they finally ate his own tail
rransomm Today, 15:36
I thought when I first saw the live video of "Descending" in May, during the climax of the song when the pyramid opens up, that the lights within the pyramid opening resembled a snake's face looking at the viewer. Now I see that, so far, the cover art of Fear Inoculum is from the perspective of the imminent "descent" down a spiral that also resembles a snake. That, plus the lyrical content: "Deceiver says, he says, 'you belong to me'..." and a reference to Frank Herbert's "Dune," which features large sand worms, as the title of another track...Getting a heavy snake in the garden theme.
Tim Davis
Tim Davis Today, 15:32
Travel from what this band was to what it has become a long journey glad to walk it with you rock on and thanks
4mp3d Today, 15:30
How does this only have 7.2M views!
ludovico pujia
ludovico pujia Today, 15:30
lleva dos dias y ya tiene mas visitas que muchos de los clasicázos xDSuena como si no hubiera pasado el tiempo.... a ver que tal el album completo
Obie Today, 15:27
Age of Empires II soundtrack on the intro :D
Tim Davis
Tim Davis Today, 15:14
Watched Joe Rogan podcast with jmk awesome just a down to earth guy some times we expect more from artist we are all just human keep rocking respect for you and your family awesome music keep rocking and thanks for being down to earth on this third rock from the sun
Стеван Николић
Стеван Николић Today, 15:12
RRRRRaaaaaaaa great
Moom Eloyah
Moom Eloyah Today, 15:11
Hey folks! They uploaded every song title and durations list for upcoming 'Fear Inoculum' album. Watch it here
Alex Dombovic
Alex Dombovic Today, 15:06
More of this
QU4K3_4DD1CT Today, 15:03
just when i thought my nofap was going well
MrIberian Today, 15:01
Frigorifero Today, 14:51
The first half of the song fells really resentful to me... Listen to the fill at 4:20 and the listen to "Reflection" from Lateralus...
Julian Torres
Julian Torres Today, 14:44
@8:36 it says "Run Along"
Sassy the Sasquatch
Sassy the Sasquatch Today, 14:37
How do they make a 10 minute song sound only 4 minutes?
Lansden Hewett
Lansden Hewett Today, 14:17
Can't wait for the video DARKSIDE JUSTICE!!
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