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Zodiac Bride
Zodiac Bride Today, 17:24
All hail Queen Billie! We've recorded a cover of My Strange Addiction to pay homage x
Meva Bilge Sevim
Meva Bilge Sevim Today, 17:15
Türkler Burda mısınız like atın da sayımızı bilek
Gracie Elaine
Gracie Elaine Today, 17:03
I love you beautiful 😍😇
Dave Adano
Dave Adano Today, 16:45
I love you Billie💕
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Today, 16:43
I Love you Billie ❤️
Anisa Pratami
Anisa Pratami Today, 16:31
I'm crying
Yanel Dhari
Yanel Dhari Today, 16:14
"We are the one"me and you,inside and out ,love from israel.
Jireh Menaide
Jireh Menaide Today, 16:12
30% of me is crying because of her song, 70% of me is crying cause am so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lazrak Amina
Lazrak Amina Today, 16:05
I looooooooove u billie eillish 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
1k subs with no video challange
1k subs with no video challange Today, 15:41
Skye Terrigan
Skye Terrigan Today, 15:39
Seeing all these people cry listeing to this song gave me chills
Syifaul A
Syifaul A Today, 15:28
Bassem Tarek
Bassem Tarek Today, 15:21
Солныфко Today, 15:20
Почему слезы на глазах?..
Ryan Laker
Ryan Laker Today, 15:03
to all the haters, this sounds almost exactly the same as the original song and she's singing live
ракетоиспытатель ракет
ракетоиспытатель ракет Today, 15:02
Azzie G
Azzie G Today, 14:57
omg, so emotional 😭 I make covers, and I will be glad if you support me
Aicha Pouye
Aicha Pouye Today, 14:52
Super j'adore
Roberta Rocha
Roberta Rocha Today, 14:34
Que melodia triste :'( ... I Loved this song.
Касипоша Today, 14:30
Что за помойка
Mischa Thorne
Mischa Thorne Today, 14:15
Who else cried while watching this?
Hamza Slimani
Hamza Slimani Today, 14:09
Billie Eilish 💪😍
Милана Рей
Милана Рей Today, 14:01
Как красиво 😭😍
Kyla Real
Kyla Real Today, 13:55
I thought there's someone said "what's this song?"
RD Geovani
RD Geovani Today, 13:50
Melissa Cundangan
Melissa Cundangan Today, 13:49
fvh hv
fvh hv Today, 13:40
lmao thats too booring song for a concert
Abz Today, 13:34
Fuck! this song just punched my heart :(
HEALY Highlights
HEALY Highlights Today, 13:33
Billie I love you. Angel born in Los Angeles.You are wonderful, I love when you smiling.I like your style.
maryam official
maryam official Today, 13:33
ilyou so much😭❤❤
Desiree Comyn
Desiree Comyn Today, 13:23
This crowed is so respectful
JayJay Fresh
JayJay Fresh Today, 13:23
I remember my grandpa’s funeral,everyone was crying hard,I was just sitting there no tears at all in fact I wasn’t even that sad it was the type of sad you feel when you fail a test,I wasn’t really sad bc he would treat my grandma like his maid,and plus he caused his own death,he drank a lot,and one summer he drank TOO much and had to go to rehab,then he died after being there for about 1 1/2
aldrin canales
aldrin canales Today, 13:21
I’m a simple person I see billie“I love you “
Sophie Louise
Sophie Louise Today, 13:20
Roses can be any colour.Violets are PURPLE!Billie's the best,You know it too.
Estella Oraos
Estella Oraos Today, 13:16
Billie how beautiful you are like an angel
Nereall •
Nereall • Today, 13:14
Блять , это прекрасно!
Человек без ника
Человек без ника Today, 12:36
Mmm ... Our Bilyashka seems to have fallen in love :3
Midnights87 Today, 12:32
Depri Music 😮
M Anum Abdillah
M Anum Abdillah Today, 12:14
Sad fuckin girl anthem
Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas Today, 12:11
Who the fuck listens to this dogshit thrash depressing music ?idiots crying listening to this shitty music
kumarillo1 Today, 12:09
it's funny how shitty music is these days that very basic chords and picking styles evokes such misguided respect
Hannah Doyle
Hannah Doyle Today, 11:49
beautiful ❤❤
Bayan A.
Bayan A. Today, 11:47
Everyone here keeps saying how much they love Billie and I just want to say that Finneas is fucking awesome!
Jessica Schuldt
Jessica Schuldt Today, 11:45
This song gave me the chills. So beautiful. 💔😭
Carlos Maximiliano fernandez
Carlos Maximiliano fernandez Today, 11:43
Like👍billie eilishComentario💬ariana grande
JT X Today, 11:35
Recently, I bumped into my ex with my new boyfriend standing next to me, and seeing the guy who broke my heart, who was my first boyfriend, literally ruined my life look at me was unexplainable, what people don’t understand is you can move on from someone but the feeling of being scarred will always stay there. And what hurts me the most is that my current boyfriend doesn’t have a clue what happened between me and him.. I guess it’s life 💔
Some Dude
Some Dude Today, 11:23
It should be titled "Billie Eilish - I love you ft.Finneas O'Connell" imo
muhammad arrifat
muhammad arrifat Today, 11:18
Is that lipsing?
MrMcCoGo Today, 10:52
they look like they wanna bang
Gg Gg
Gg Gg Today, 10:38
شكلي الوحيده العربيه هنا 😂💔
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