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rodolfo vergara
rodolfo vergara Today, 01:28
the dc video xD
Ulises Diaz
Ulises Diaz Yesterday, 07:39
Kritical Killer
Kritical Killer Yesterday, 01:24
This is one great song.
Thomas Antonini
Thomas Antonini 13 September 2019 18:50
I was there.Amazing night...
Kevin Armitage
Kevin Armitage 13 September 2019 10:59
fricken awesome!
Faku Araya
Faku Araya 13 September 2019 05:58
Oh hey how are you?, Im also hate lars. Have a good day
Dylan Espinosa
Dylan Espinosa 13 September 2019 03:14
Is it just me or are the opening chords different?
Stephen Kearney
Stephen Kearney 12 September 2019 21:49
There are no words, to describe how good this song is🤘
Lance is HereTV
Lance is HereTV 12 September 2019 16:04
I give that Warwick Bass a 9/10 and I'm the one it needs
Eduardo Choy
Eduardo Choy 11 September 2019 10:04
Bad ass kirk 4:50
StealthVette 11 September 2019 10:01
It is the greatest instrumental of all time and one of the greatest pieces of music of all time .
EPHEMERAL 11 September 2019 03:44
why don't they play their instrumental songs in the studio tuning? I mean, I understand that it's easier for james to sing half step down, but he doesn't sing here. Also I don't think it's because they had to bring another guitar with that tuning, because they have hundreds of guitars.
J Fennell
J Fennell 10 September 2019 09:03
No Cliff. No good.. No disrespect to Robert Trujillo, but seriously.
Emmanuel Sanchez
Emmanuel Sanchez 10 September 2019 04:08
ha de ser orgasmeante estar en el lugar de Robert, tocando el bajo en una rola tan majestuosa como esta!
Fergie Fergus
Fergie Fergus 10 September 2019 02:13
This never gets old.
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner 9 September 2019 01:32
Robert Trujillo. I remember getting second hand stoned in the back of a Subaru in 2001 debating who should be the new bassist in Metallica. My friend Bret Behrens put on Groove Family Cyco and ended the entire conversation by saying, "THAT IS WHO METALLICA SHOULD HIRE!" No joke, a year or two later, Robert was in the band. That's universal justice for you.
Gary Hunter
Gary Hunter 8 September 2019 23:07
This is the most awesome thing. Cause when I was a teenager they were to busy playing sad but true. And other stuff. That wasn't justice for all😂😂
Scott Lakey
Scott Lakey 8 September 2019 17:58
Guys at the top of their game
Andre Hutchison
Andre Hutchison 8 September 2019 13:04
Hasnt been done like that since cliff
Dede Iduy
Dede Iduy 8 September 2019 13:03
O my goodness how can heavy metal can be so wonderful
Urilla Graves
Urilla Graves 7 September 2019 10:53
david webb
david webb 7 September 2019 07:17
then kirk comes in and all I is confused
Trump Olino
Trump Olino 6 September 2019 00:27
I was there!!! Amazing night!
Cicero Silva
Cicero Silva 5 September 2019 23:24
Thaydrian 5 September 2019 19:15
Lars can't keep steady time to save his life anymore. Hard to watch your heroes age. :(
Luis Chaneton
Luis Chaneton 5 September 2019 01:40
the only good thing about this song ending, is lars stopped playing
joan Ark
joan Ark 4 September 2019 11:17
There is Shroud of Turin in Italy- Jesus Burial clothe in which scientists cant explain how Jesus Resurrection is imprinted. Barrie Schwortz i think has been studying it- web page is :
DEf. ASHIK 3 September 2019 18:53
I am a teenager and i love metallica 😉
foulplaymead 3 September 2019 01:19
I wished they would have included this in the S&M concert
Morgoth Bauglir
Morgoth Bauglir 2 September 2019 09:03
Come o Lars you can do the monster drum in the end of the song, just like you did at Seoul
Julian Grant
Julian Grant 1 September 2019 22:36
RIP Cliff Burton still listening in 2019
Anakin ITA
Anakin ITA 1 September 2019 13:15
08:20 we miss you Cliff!
doug readmond
doug readmond 1 September 2019 07:28
An anthem for the TRUE metal heads
anon. aki
anon. aki 1 September 2019 03:01
Has Metallica ever projected the the Orion Nebula Hubble Telescope Messier 42 image (rotated counterclockwise 45 Degrees) during a live performance of this song? If not, I encourage them to do so.
Артём Домовой
Артём Домовой 31 August 2019 20:16
Coastal Reefer
Coastal Reefer 31 August 2019 18:07
they've all had a good trip in Italy, all stomachs fuller....Trujillo just grew a longer right arm length
What is this drama?
What is this drama? 31 August 2019 13:25
This bunch has better energy than most much younger bands. Incredible!
Davidos 402
Davidos 402 30 August 2019 12:20
2:52 This part always makes me wanna cry...
n00b at play
n00b at play 30 August 2019 00:48
Lars got fat.
Pablo Bernal
Pablo Bernal 29 August 2019 18:08
It is a masterpiece
Jeff Ayers
Jeff Ayers 29 August 2019 16:13
@:25... never realized how much Robert looks like Shrek
Melis Güneş
Melis Güneş 29 August 2019 01:02
Missed cliff
Никита Репин
Никита Репин 28 August 2019 23:16
It’s just plain stupid to watch it on mobile phone. Stupid.
filian33 27 August 2019 16:22
Ну как так можно великолепно играть я хз)
Miguel Carbajal
Miguel Carbajal 27 August 2019 07:49
When I die you best believe this is the song I wanna be buried to PERIOD
Zachary Martin
Zachary Martin 27 August 2019 00:20
Very nice to see the band utilizing Rob's talent on the bass. m/
I Am Thomas Hallford
I Am Thomas Hallford 26 August 2019 14:24
Daniel P
Daniel P 26 August 2019 01:34
I was singing my own lyrics to this lol
Zen Master
Zen Master 26 August 2019 01:19
Only one word is needed here .....WOW .
Jake Cal
Jake Cal 25 August 2019 18:43
you've make cliff proud🤘🤘🤘
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