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f c
f c Today, 18:27
This video deserves more views.
melissa arrivasplata suyo
melissa arrivasplata suyo Today, 18:25
Me encantó!!! Estilo de los 80's con los papasotes de nuestro presente 🤯🤤😍💞
Frann LQ
Frann LQ Today, 18:19
I need a Joe Jonas ❤
Sevda Aydın
Sevda Aydın Today, 18:15
Why this perfect video still 2.8M? Its bullshit.
Ale Gamio
Ale Gamio Today, 18:14
Yvette-marie Today, 18:09
Oh and non Disney Jonas bros are pretty damn hot and sexy
Yvette-marie Today, 18:08
Hey 80s hold my beer!
Natalia delamo
Natalia delamo Today, 18:06
ElsaMariaAnna Manoj
ElsaMariaAnna Manoj Today, 17:52
When Joe says in the beginning he doesn't want to leave his wife will be u better come home
Emarie Hesekiah Casinas
Emarie Hesekiah Casinas Today, 17:52
Sheems. Can't get over with this 💋
Maria Isabel Polanco Torres
Maria Isabel Polanco Torres Today, 17:34
You guys are killing it!!!!
Alessandrea Tran
Alessandrea Tran Today, 17:30
Love it !!!
harold jaramillo
harold jaramillo Today, 17:25
Comentarios en español aqui! 🔩
Karina Gómez
Karina Gómez Today, 17:20
Poco a poco Joe, todo pasa, nada es para siempre.
Karina Gómez
Karina Gómez Today, 17:16
Acá reproduciendo el video varias veces.
Kokoy Malone
Kokoy Malone Today, 16:57
ivona Today, 16:54
Guess who saved the summer of '19
Keke Lauren
Keke Lauren Today, 16:53
Modern pop music is the same song over and over. One day I hope America can return to great original music.
Serena Leach
Serena Leach Today, 16:46
Joe is so dramatic it’s awesome lol
Lorraine Epiphany Trabajo
Lorraine Epiphany Trabajo Today, 16:45
Same jonas brothers who i fell in love back then. ❤️
ash salas
ash salas Today, 16:41
Low key this video makes them all look like a d-bag
honifit Today, 16:40
I like how they are acting and dancing so cheesy. Especially when he's looking through the blinds, so funny.
sarry ribeiro
sarry ribeiro Today, 16:37
why i'm so addicted to this vibe? Yey yey yey
SvG Pheonix
SvG Pheonix Today, 16:32
Don’t press read more..I’m warning you..If you are reading this your going to be rich and be asked out by your crush Lïkê tö açtivatè
Nilmar Rodrigo
Nilmar Rodrigo Today, 16:22
Awan Aleer
Awan Aleer Today, 16:12
0% swearing . 199% hot girls
J Libra
J Libra Today, 16:07
Lyrics:Dance in the living roomMe:Too lazy to leave my bed
Leanne Krautheim
Leanne Krautheim Today, 15:58
the coors light ad killed me LMFAAAOOO
Valentina Donado
Valentina Donado Today, 15:40
why does this song only has 2.8M views? come on
Thinh Nguyen
Thinh Nguyen Today, 15:37
Im sorry im 3 days late :(
sree kumar kumar
sree kumar kumar Today, 15:34
kitch mico
kitch mico Today, 15:24
2.8 in 3 days. Hahaah they are faded. Nothing compared to BTS.
Hai _
Hai _ Today, 15:20
Wtf its like I’ve heard this song before
Toufik Hidayatulloh
Toufik Hidayatulloh Today, 15:07
Love from Indonesia jonas 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Sevgen Çakır
Sevgen Çakır Today, 15:07
I'm in love w this song !! <3
Hilaria Gonzalez
Hilaria Gonzalez Today, 15:06
This is great!! An 80's twist on the video filming amazing!!
I hate u As if
I hate u As if Today, 15:04
1 week ago there were 3.8 millions suscribers in the yt channel of jonas brother,now its 4 happens so fast
Nat S
Nat S Today, 15:01
1:19 nick looks like a dad listening to modern music so he can bond with his kids 😂
Dani Morales
Dani Morales Today, 14:42
loveee this
Nisha Victoria
Nisha Victoria Today, 14:38
Dropping nothing but bops! Feels like 2008 all over again! Life is complete
bts._._ world
bts._._ world Today, 14:25
Do a lot of songs like this💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
bts._._ world
bts._._ world Today, 14:23
I love you💙💙💙💙
Фотя Today, 14:07
why does Kevin never sing?
Lira Jeon
Lira Jeon Today, 13:57
Luvvvvvc 😍
Only OV
Only OV Today, 13:50
Love you jonas brother since when i saw you on disney channel...
amran307 Today, 13:31
I love the vid
Preeya Ieli
Preeya Ieli Today, 13:28
Me in 2009 who are they........Me in 2019 I love them❤❤❤❤
Feel the Earth mallu
Feel the Earth mallu Today, 13:22
Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳
Michelle Lam
Michelle Lam Today, 13:13
Sounds like “one more night” by maroon 5
Miss Real Bolly
Miss Real Bolly Today, 12:58
This could be another Sims song....
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