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Yasir Hassan
Yasir Hassan Today, 18:35
Omg they are from a movie that girl from Jessie and that guy Idk mady u know if he is
Sixty Playz
Sixty Playz Today, 18:31
Lil Nas X lands on airplaneGirl: Wut the fu-
Landon Wheat
Landon Wheat Today, 18:29
2012: Hey Jessie!!2019: Hey Panini!!
Elite_Philisopher 1
Elite_Philisopher 1 Today, 18:29
I just realized panini is Zuri from Jessie
Imjusttoogood Lmao
Imjusttoogood Lmao Today, 18:27
I hope the world will be like this in a few years 💧🔥
Shayne marcus
Shayne marcus Today, 18:22
Who else is here before 1,000,000,000 views
Sr. Hends
Sr. Hends Today, 18:06
1:12 WTF
Lutfi Ortega
Lutfi Ortega Today, 17:53
Uses UberSneak 100
Bobbie Griffin
Bobbie Griffin Today, 17:51
Macaroni Men
Macaroni Men Today, 17:51
Fun fact, the girl is not 18
Longcris Today, 17:45
raper2 channel
raper2 channel Today, 17:43
0:05 tiktok
Gwan Kim
Gwan Kim Today, 17:39
Good lil nas x
J. Alanis
J. Alanis Today, 17:38
Quien viene por el video del mamadisimo?
The Ultima Black Knight
The Ultima Black Knight Today, 17:37
Who is here after seeing that Stupid Voicebox Ad on youtube which has stewie singing this song?
Paint Master
Paint Master Today, 17:26
2:08 why it sounds like kinetic field(3rd ability of Disruptor from Dota 2)?
Kia Lee
Kia Lee Today, 17:25
I like it because the beat
Stas Becht
Stas Becht Today, 17:11
Ktoś z Polski?
Kamil An
Kamil An Today, 17:04
I call this harassment 😂😂
GH Nguyen
GH Nguyen Today, 17:03
She said wtf
LuckyCracklol Today, 16:54
is this how he treats his fans when they don't adore him??
oOooOofz_unicorn Today, 16:43
Is that Skai Jackson? ;-;
Big_ Bird
Big_ Bird Today, 16:42
1:13 she just dropped the F-Bomb
Leticia Oliveira
Leticia Oliveira Today, 16:37
I love you
Cindy Nguyen
Cindy Nguyen Today, 16:36
malviN166 Today, 16:10
came from Verbal ASE
Stephanie Perkins
Stephanie Perkins Today, 16:06
Your hot
Cinnabon Bunny
Cinnabon Bunny Today, 15:52
Him: just say to me what you want from meHer: a restraining order
Chris Railing
Chris Railing Today, 15:37
Where is the grilled sandwich Panini is a sandwich
Peter Carlo De Jesus
Peter Carlo De Jesus Today, 15:29
Hey Guys This Is The Whole Story Of Lil Nas XHe Went To A Time Machine And Went To The Old Cowboy Times Then He Went To The Modern Days With His Horse And Now He Went To The Future Stalking A Girl...So We're Still Getting Info About The Lil Nas X Storyline So I Hope U Get It Now
ghostrider kickass5432
ghostrider kickass5432 Today, 15:29
Did a third grader write these lyrics
it’s nadia
it’s nadia Today, 15:22
who’s heard the indian version
Christopher Heddi
Christopher Heddi Today, 15:17
this is the best song
одинокий волк 2003 ДМБ
одинокий волк 2003 ДМБ Today, 15:06
1:11what the f..
pikku boi
pikku boi Today, 15:05
Lil nas x
Diogo Neiva
Diogo Neiva Today, 15:04
Cyrus Don't At
Cyrus Don't At Today, 15:03
Make a song bout bein gay I bet it’ll be fire
Abdelmajid Ait Alla
Abdelmajid Ait Alla Today, 14:58
Derick' Today, 14:29
1:11 bitch you can't run from me im the black iron Man
WkProductionCrew Today, 14:28
How the fuck is this shit get 213m view?
PandaInTheHood Today, 14:23
20202020 ?
Angel Pinto
Angel Pinto Today, 14:21
Caden Mosley
Caden Mosley Today, 14:19
Montero I went to school with you
Dragos Ioana
Dragos Ioana Today, 14:03
Hey Jessey
Nithish kumar
Nithish kumar Today, 13:54
Орк Today, 13:39
Dusko Zsiga
Dusko Zsiga Today, 13:23
I love you lil nas x
Tito Elmer
Tito Elmer Today, 13:15
The only bad part of the song was 2:26
Lucas Bull
Lucas Bull Today, 13:02
mike emats
mike emats Today, 13:00
Ay my panties
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