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Rick Grimes S5
Rick Grimes S5 14 June 2019 02:57
Original video here: This is pitch shifted to E tuning. The Original video was in Eb tuning. What does that mean? It means that I just change the pitch to a higher tuning. Metallica has been playing in Eb since 1995. Before that they played in standard tuning (E tuning). Why do I change the pitch? To make it sound like the old Metallica and a lot of people ask me to do it. People have also been asking me why and what it means etc. Well there ya go
Psicopedaqué Today, 09:07
Tremenda voz que tiene el profesor Rossa
birchply023 Today, 07:54
Lars smokes this song
Fernando Adrian Frai Caceres
Fernando Adrian Frai Caceres Today, 06:53
Pésima versión, la peor que escuche de One, James está hecho un abuelito y Kirk le erró a varias notas
Colly Armstrong
Colly Armstrong Today, 00:44
Blown away
Andrew Roessler
Andrew Roessler Yesterday, 22:56
Lars sounded great here!
J McDaniel
J McDaniel Yesterday, 14:47
I cannot get enough of this video! I must have watched it a hundred times by now...and now 101!
Elaine Jahfetson
Elaine Jahfetson Yesterday, 07:28
Great song.
iMagZ z
iMagZ z Yesterday, 01:50
The first 1-2 minutes it feels like they are fighting a bit over the tempo. Still great though after :)
Nicky Santiago
Nicky Santiago Yesterday, 01:34
Que las personas no se pueden comprar una Go pro y disfrutar el concierto?
john rickey
john rickey 13 September 2019 09:07
nice,real nice.
Иван Франк
Иван Франк 13 September 2019 06:47
Concert for American soldiers ?? Who came and rape the Middle East ?? Are they sitting with a drink of cola, and eating burgers?)) And are considered heroes ??))) Suckers Amerian soldiers, did not see the war, and did not even sniff! I served in the Special Forces of Russia, and the Pendos bent on the exercises !! Americanos Losers !!
Ainmalyz 333
Ainmalyz 333 13 September 2019 05:31
Legends of heavy metal and hard rock music 'Metallica.
IloveSPIDERZ 13 September 2019 01:41
I LOVE how they upped the tempo during the outro! This is their best performance of this song in my opinion.
Ysis Saavedra
Ysis Saavedra 12 September 2019 17:49
Me encanto cuando comenzo a cantar james lo hizo igual q antes
Angie Schwab
Angie Schwab 12 September 2019 08:00
aone of the best songs of all time!! Love you Kirk
Sleepthroughthefire. 11 September 2019 22:16
1:20 wow. out of time af lol
Стиг 11 September 2019 20:36
ShadowKiller571 11 September 2019 19:52
Now edit it to where Lars stays on tempo.
Citeh Dude
Citeh Dude 11 September 2019 05:47
Anyone else prefer if Kirk played a less blingy guitar for this specific song? don't know why it bugged me. kinda lame opinion, but it popped into my head.
Max Brooks
Max Brooks 11 September 2019 00:20
I wonder if Lars has gotten worse at drumming, I couldn't hear the double bass
Danny Plourde
Danny Plourde 10 September 2019 23:40
I'm not a metallica hater but I hear something wrong, like a guitare is out of tune.
Jake Kempen
Jake Kempen 10 September 2019 21:21
That's a real face melter right there.
Nautilus1972 10 September 2019 13:37
Jesus james looks old ...
Tophie 10 September 2019 09:58
Metallica needs to take some cues from Iron Maiden. This was very boring and detached. Giant screens, pretty lights, and fire can't replace passion. These guys just look bored; like they're at work.
Jmaxpla Cata
Jmaxpla Cata 10 September 2019 08:35
pa la mi er da ya no tocan
Mike Nowlin
Mike Nowlin 10 September 2019 06:15
1.1 thousand thumbs down are pussys that listen to diasapito
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey 10 September 2019 05:47
You play it too fast and it gets sloppy.
Jeff Hind
Jeff Hind 10 September 2019 05:46
It’s crazy now that James is older his voice sounds like a veteran
Exfan Surakhman
Exfan Surakhman 10 September 2019 05:42
Hot grandpa
Huawei Tab 10
Huawei Tab 10 9 September 2019 22:39
Metallica приезжала в Киев а там собрались поклонники Артура пиражкова и Богдана срамота
Alice Fox
Alice Fox 9 September 2019 22:16
Где басс 2 чсвшных уёбка?
Sergei Pozdnyijov
Sergei Pozdnyijov 9 September 2019 13:10
J. Custer
J. Custer 9 September 2019 08:40
Cringe Ulrich
곽웅신 8 September 2019 17:04
What the.......I proud of you....I crying......
Thomas Gary
Thomas Gary 8 September 2019 03:19
So everybody is saying James looks old, I'd much rather see him looking natural and aging gracefully then have alot of plastic surgery like Axl Rose that looks totally fucking ridiculous. And for those criticizing his voice and guitar playing, to me he sounds AND looks like he's supposed to. If you're in your fifties do you still fuck as good as you did when you were in your 20s and 30s probably not. Leave Mr. James alone please
Sergio Shaker
Sergio Shaker 7 September 2019 22:49
kwastormayt 7 September 2019 21:15
something out of tune
ttz58 7 September 2019 14:17
старики рубят :))
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》 7 September 2019 09:13
* ad plays * "where did your ancestry story begin?"Doesnt fuckin matter cause according to Metallica nothing else matters!!
my music
my music 6 September 2019 23:48
I love Metallica ❤
DENinja 6 September 2019 17:04
When u have a nightmare and in that nightmare ur in the position of the guy that has no arms, feet, voice and hearing........PLEASE GOD WAKE MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
alexis quintanilla
alexis quintanilla 6 September 2019 12:05
theme taken from the novel johnny got his gun by Dalton Trumbo..exellent theme by metallica
Lanme' Davios
Lanme' Davios 6 September 2019 07:26
Thank you !! He s mom and daddy you are one awsome , dna, love you all metallic !!!💋💋💋💋
Jamoon Xerxes Sauber
Jamoon Xerxes Sauber 5 September 2019 21:07
5:55 Holy shit did Hetfield do a short but perfect hair metal scream. His voice is so fucking good at his age. He seems to have even more tools in his arsenal nowadays
Mr X
Mr X 5 September 2019 15:05
No. God no. Please no...NOOOOOOOOO!
Guga Lucena
Guga Lucena 5 September 2019 00:01
Very good, the best Band of utimate times.
Ale KaT'z
Ale KaT'z 4 September 2019 08:17
Where the fuck is robert?
sabine teller
sabine teller 4 September 2019 00:26
jo immer die alten songs one for me one for you ich kanns nicht mehr hören
Sean Collins
Sean Collins 3 September 2019 23:59
Why was the audio's pitch altered to be higher?
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