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Вероника Лобанова
Вероника Лобанова Today, 20:46
Теперь Кэти это Ольга Бузова и Алёна Водонаева)))))))))))))
Grace.miriam vlogs
Grace.miriam vlogs Today, 20:43
abrileta corazon lei
abrileta corazon lei Today, 20:35
I was sad when the dog cried but luckily it ended well
Matthew Today, 20:34
Me: Watching the videoMe at 2:18: ;-; aww the puppys crying. *starts going in a bit of tears
Samir Guimarães
Samir Guimarães Today, 20:33
I Love so much this song
bernadetta_ makeup
bernadetta_ makeup Today, 20:28
Belvedere&Raspberry333 Today, 20:20
Search me to this <smfh>
Olivia Kosel
Olivia Kosel Today, 20:07
I love how the whole video is built around the katy-pupper relationship
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed Today, 19:53
I said bad words to doctor and he is healing me for free
Marta Tosello
Marta Tosello Today, 19:49
I've just broke up with my bf and I'm here... The lyrics is so true
Welsh Sheip
Welsh Sheip Today, 19:47
Somethings up with these Jews. Somethings up!
Molly Reyes
Molly Reyes Today, 19:31
Hater:horrible song Me:Bla Bla Bla
zion chan
zion chan Today, 19:22
Awww the little doggy is so cute
sophia keophalak
sophia keophalak Today, 19:01
I LOVE dogs
sophia keophalak
sophia keophalak Today, 19:00
Aw it’s sad
Lizzie Power
Lizzie Power Today, 18:43
I love this
Lizzie Power
Lizzie Power Today, 18:42
Soo good
R- designs
R- designs Today, 17:46
*Dog rides skateboards Judges: 😒 *Katy’s dog sits Judges: 😃👍🏼🏆
Goddess Today, 17:45
Whose the better 👍Like - Katy Perry 👸Comment - puppy 🐶
Chis English
Chis English Today, 17:26
Which song is more amazing?Katy Perry: Swish Swish - LIKEMiley Cyrus: Jellyfish Gangbang - COMMENT
Marina González
Marina González Today, 17:09
Elva Lalita
Elva Lalita Today, 16:47
Cmon taylor swith almost beat you
Dome Esquivel
Dome Esquivel Today, 16:13
Awesome song! Cute puppy! I would like you through a concert in Quito!
Mae C.
Mae C. Today, 14:58
From my own perspective, it is all about the dog she is pertaining to and the "new somebody" she is talking about is the guy.
claudeir araujo
claudeir araujo Today, 14:45
Love kety perry 😙😙😍
Alfredo Kusuma
Alfredo Kusuma Today, 14:14
Arunee Suvarnabhapa
Arunee Suvarnabhapa Today, 13:35
@kate ไหมเสียจาเห็นไหม
katy's monster
katy's monster Today, 13:32
Cmon katycats lets make it 100 million by the end of this year...
incompatible BOY83
incompatible BOY83 Today, 13:12
small talk BIG FLOP No 2 in a row ... jajhajajajajjajaja
incompatible BOY83
incompatible BOY83 Today, 13:10
FLOP No2 in a row lol :P
easy choice
easy choice Today, 12:12
Katy Perry ft. ZAYN plz!
Kingof TheGalaxy
Kingof TheGalaxy Today, 11:41
Too bad you don't have the courage to admit you want me bad!❤
Jack Silvers
Jack Silvers Today, 11:08
Who else cried 😭😭😭
syarizwan 02
syarizwan 02 Today, 11:05
you are so good nice💯💯
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena Today, 11:05
The dogs are better actors than me🧐
Kimbi Bryan
Kimbi Bryan Today, 09:17
She's so creative
레드벨벳day 2
레드벨벳day 2 Today, 09:13
Cat Natural Galaxy
Cat Natural Galaxy Today, 08:05
I read the live chat and I saw some "I don't like it" and you have to, but I'm like "how? I think it's BEAUTIFUL"!!!!
Hari Today, 06:53
The views and the song is doing real bad tbh...What happened to Katy Perry?
Randall Mulkins
Randall Mulkins Today, 06:39
I love happy sounding sad bops
Hugo Ribeiro
Hugo Ribeiro Today, 06:12
Sundus Today, 05:36
Allowing that precious baby doggy to shed a tear is animal abuse. I'm calling 911!
Daeborah Clare
Daeborah Clare Today, 05:01
Do not do puppies like thattttt 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Moises Mestas
Moises Mestas Today, 04:39
el perrito es hermosa
Moises Mestas
Moises Mestas Today, 04:37
ow the puppy is beathiful
Jayar Sucaldito
Jayar Sucaldito Today, 04:16
αξιω ω τα θεια
αξιω ω τα θεια Today, 03:04
Are we going back to the 50s with all these old haircuts and pastel colours in music videos?
Marduel Today, 02:54
RYo Quisiera Ser Asi De Millonario De Hecho Apenas Tengo Para Comer Para Estudios Para La Renta Y para El Internet Solamente Que Haveces Nisiquiera Como Desayuno O Comida De Tarde O Cena
YouTube IQ
YouTube IQ Today, 01:15
روعه اشترك في قناتي 💞احبكم
Wilmer zafra 5
Wilmer zafra 5 Today, 01:15
enh: yaya yay yaykaty : blah blah blah blah
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