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A boy with a dream
A boy with a dream Today, 18:20
Me playing MinecraftMom comes in the roomMe: “LEAVE ME ALONE!”Mom: “Why”Me: because your so annoying!Mom: I will alone “when you grow up”Me: fair.
Alen Makota
Alen Makota Today, 18:19
Finally RAP is back :D
Danielle Wallace
Danielle Wallace Today, 18:16
Bro this bro do is sick if you think like
Gracelynne Is gone
Gracelynne Is gone Today, 18:05
Instead ofMoney: Black BalloonsCars: Shopping CartsStrippers: Creepy People In White Suits
chassismelbro Today, 17:39
old satan wants him
Nuran Örken
Nuran Örken Today, 17:25
Cheezy_Bob_Is_A_Gawd Today, 16:33
Canan İşleyen
Canan İşleyen Today, 16:06
NF'in her parça İ N A N I L M A Z
TBP xZap 1
TBP xZap 1 Today, 16:00
Mom: Come eat dinnerMe: Leave me alone
carlKaGaNB Today, 15:51
The best recommendation from yt 😭💯💯❤️
Vollan Vaz
Vollan Vaz Today, 15:36
Nice Bruh
Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall Today, 15:32
Mom: What are you listening to?Me: NF.Mom: What?Me: No, Why.
sean L
sean L Today, 14:40
快 快 快 快 leave me alone?
Chevlon MacGuin Studios
Chevlon MacGuin Studios Today, 14:40
Christian wrapper rapped in glad wrap rapping nothing bad but noice.
Andy Murray
Andy Murray Today, 14:38
trustedfamilyhackers,photo,blog sent me a legit hack of $10,000
MOJI Rice Today, 13:52
Damn he 's really good
Alexander A.M.
Alexander A.M. Today, 13:18
Literally every comment in the comment section of this corny, whiteboy 'lyrical' rap video:"Most rappers talk about drugs, strippers and cars, he is one of the few rappers too actually talk about real issues"Fucking Eminem stans.
Just a Gamer
Just a Gamer Today, 13:17
"I hate to be change and hate to be normal"Me:factzzzzzz*
LIL S1CK Today, 12:35
walks with trolley gets 12 million views whats going onnnn
Wan Zack
Wan Zack Today, 12:34
Friend - hey dude u still love her? Me - QUIET , QUIET , QUIET , QUIET ! Leave me alone!
Young Maestro
Young Maestro Today, 12:24
His telling eminem to leave him alone
C Hhhh
C Hhhh Today, 12:17
Woooooow!!! Damn! What is thissss !!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Hatzikonstantinidou
Maria Hatzikonstantinidou Today, 11:50
After that bad writing I need Typ ex NF tip-ex would be something
Maria Hatzikonstantinidou
Maria Hatzikonstantinidou Today, 11:47
That's how insane me sounds sadly it never was real afraid?
Diwwy Ruffles
Diwwy Ruffles Today, 11:34
Quiet Quiet Quiet Leave me alone!
Andrew Wizard15
Andrew Wizard15 Today, 11:19
NF is narcissistic. No sense of humor, negative, and always blaming, criticizing. His music doesn’t have enough variety or multi-element, and he seems to be a deeply broken person. But then again, most artists are deeply broken and can therefore better express it and we can in some smaller way relate to it. I just prefer other music for these reasons, but his beats are good and his rapping is good. Just getting annoyed by his personality, vibe, and lyrics at this point
胡珩秀 Today, 10:54
快!快!快! leave me alone
Siva Guhan
Siva Guhan Today, 10:28
Dax: I was a janitor!Logic: I'm biracial!Nate: I have OCD!
SupraNova Today, 10:20
So this guy blasts outta nowhere
Braden Zerr
Braden Zerr Today, 10:12
When you rap so fast that captions stop working🔥
Geri Wolfy
Geri Wolfy Today, 09:44
Looks like Eminem had fusion with tech9ine
Ally Largnt
Ally Largnt Today, 09:28
Idk why this song reminds me of the "uwu you so warm" song...😬😰
MANSHARKplays Today, 09:18
Diagnosed with OCD, what does that mean? Well gather around! That means I obsessively obsess the things I think about, that means I might take a normal thought and think it's so profound! - I probably say this more than 30 times a day, my favorite part for some reason lol
Trojan mane
Trojan mane Today, 09:16
Park Minnie
Park Minnie Today, 09:13
Was at work and seen a part of his music video play on the tv and I’m just like who is this. Searched him up when I got home and usually I don’t like some music but dang I mess with this. I just became a fan already cause this is dope
Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE
Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE Today, 09:07
0% Stripper girls0% Fancy cars0% Money0% Mumbling0% Gucci100% black balloons, shopping cart, older clothes, no swearing, and REAL content and REAL music not that fake annoying shit
Ars Inquisitor
Ars Inquisitor Today, 09:05
Love 2019
Love 2019 Today, 08:25
I love this song😍😍👌🏼.
Chathiyan Chanthu
Chathiyan Chanthu Today, 07:18
NF is better than present day EMINEM....... who else think the same....?
Sam Fahnestock
Sam Fahnestock Today, 06:49
Anyone else find it ironic that he's using balloons as a metaphor for weight on his soul
Ryan Vert
Ryan Vert Today, 05:21
Why couldn't this come out with Therapu Session. Would've been sick and love it NF keep up the 🔥!!!
Matthew LaMacchia
Matthew LaMacchia Today, 05:02
Watchtower rook just know its comeing....
Valentino Requenez
Valentino Requenez Today, 04:53
Is anyone feeling this is em's son ha ha ha go white boy thanks i played it 4 times and still like it
Tendies Today, 04:52
KCALB Today, 04:37
Black balloooooons
Dutchman Today, 04:35
Sorry fame, this song doesn't suck!
Tasty_xperiences Instagram
Tasty_xperiences Instagram Today, 03:48
You saved my life I hope you realize that. Thank you
Luz Santi
Luz Santi Today, 03:36
Quien de aquí somos mexicanos <3
Rashed Alhetqailah
Rashed Alhetqailah Today, 03:21
Can’t believe he is not that famous, best rapper everI can understand the lyrics No cursing No smoking,drinking,girlsTrue rap 👑
Thenewcohenforbes22 Forbes
Thenewcohenforbes22 Forbes Today, 02:45
Why a cliffhanger love the song nf
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