Korn - Can You Hear Me (Official Visualizer) / The Nothing Podcast (Official Trailer)

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kornchannel 10 September 2019 21:33
Subscribe to THE NOTHING podcast, coming in October: https://lnk.to/TheNothingPodcast. 🕸
Will pill
Will pill Today, 20:20
Anyone else feel this album was written specifically for them!!
Aderiler Today, 18:35
Best song of the new album no doubts.
Ari Awan
Ari Awan Today, 15:58
When you listen to Falling Away From Me in 2019 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Леся Лаврів
Леся Лаврів Today, 14:07
So beautiful song 🖤
Nicolette Hiott
Nicolette Hiott Today, 12:29
Nice agreed
Jack Madrox
Jack Madrox Today, 10:48
One of the best things I ever pre-ordered was this album.
i’m not lay the sequel
i’m not lay the sequel Today, 08:29
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar Yesterday, 22:56
get up korn
Kohlenstoffisotop12 Yesterday, 22:49
Ali Shahbazi
Ali Shahbazi Yesterday, 22:24
se7en :/
Agustin Lozada
Agustin Lozada Yesterday, 20:56
It sounds so..mature. In a good way!
prasang manandhar
prasang manandhar Yesterday, 17:38
Seriously i want David back in the band
Colonel Mayhem
Colonel Mayhem Yesterday, 15:53
True Korn is back.
Jeremiah the Pisces
Jeremiah the Pisces Yesterday, 15:21
forsaken song for us lost
ウニ。 Yesterday, 15:05
Júnio Alves Corrêa
Júnio Alves Corrêa Yesterday, 14:39
One of the bests of the album!!!🤘👊🤘
Taylor Straede
Taylor Straede Yesterday, 13:50
This is the most pure korn album since untochables/take a look in the mirror every song just hits right gets right in the feels. I love this album. Thank you KORN!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean R
Sean R Yesterday, 12:33
I just realized this was the song that Jonathan made back in 2015. Glad to see it was finally released
matrixcn73271 Yesterday, 09:29
I love this!!! Good job fella's!
Przemysław Niepokój-Hepnar
Przemysław Niepokój-Hepnar Yesterday, 09:13
Greetings from Poland !
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison Yesterday, 05:36
Korn never looses their touch, this is beautiful.
Sheep Dogs mind's eye
Sheep Dogs mind's eye Yesterday, 05:29
Bad. Ass. Tune.
Infinite Pirate
Infinite Pirate Yesterday, 05:14
Who is saying “wake the fuck up” in the beginning?
Grant Yesterday, 04:51
Friday the 13th full moon nice weather chillin with this song high is amazing
Waseem Chester
Waseem Chester Yesterday, 02:41
I love the way they come back with heavy riff
Anthony Lambson
Anthony Lambson Yesterday, 02:26
This is acually a really damn good song. Kinda moved me to tears
Squideo Games
Squideo Games Yesterday, 01:38
Out of this and You’ll find me and Col, this is probably my favorite. They are all fucking good though
JENNY JOYCE Yesterday, 00:06
Dangerdom13 13 September 2019 23:52
I want more official videos and less shitty visualizers.
fede mart
fede mart 13 September 2019 23:51
Korn tutta la vita ❤️❤️❤️
Platinum Standard
Platinum Standard 13 September 2019 23:40
This is honestly a great idea. A podcast that goes along with the album should be quite interesting to listen to
ETRE HUMAIN 13 September 2019 20:04
Énorme celle ci bourrin et peace au top
VV B 13 September 2019 19:40
Awesome song! Very underrated. Joy for the soul!
Dalton Barros
Dalton Barros 13 September 2019 19:15
My favourite so far <3
Mike Wood
Mike Wood 13 September 2019 19:11
My impeccable taste in music brought me here
James Schultz
James Schultz 13 September 2019 19:10
"It's TIME, people... WAKE... THE... FUCK UP!!!"Our world, and our country, in particular, is falling apart... Korn, for me, has always been a band that chronicled the betrayal of our youth and our country by our elders/authority figures, and its slow downward spiral... The bottom has to give out sometime, the people of this country and world can no longer allow Corporate Overlords to rape and pillage our lands, wallets, and souls... Gun violence... environmental devastation... the opioid crisis... climate change... hate crimes... millions of bigoted xenophobic Fascists targeting black and brown people and anybody who doesn't look like them... a White Supremacist DEMAGOGUE career criminal rapist in the White House..."WAKE... THE... FUCK UP!!!"We should all be marching in the streets... millions of freedom-loving citizens demanding immediate action on all those issues!
gozumaki 13 September 2019 18:27
Excellent song!
Hypocrites Pun
Hypocrites Pun 13 September 2019 18:01
Interesting video/ lyrics.. I had to rewatch just to see the message within the message. “Social media divides people,” yes.. 😘😎🤘🏾
chris gettman
chris gettman 13 September 2019 17:31
What is the sample in the beginning?
Pratik Gurung
Pratik Gurung 13 September 2019 15:32
Sorry pornhub but its kornhub time.❤
Pratik Gurung
Pratik Gurung 13 September 2019 15:31
The Nothing has everything. ❤
Sergio Lòpez
Sergio Lòpez 13 September 2019 14:39
Spectre FFA
Spectre FFA 13 September 2019 14:32
Highly Underrated.
Javi Aleluya
Javi Aleluya 13 September 2019 14:05
Korn is really back!!
No Body
No Body 13 September 2019 13:24
Tame Impala for the Nu-Metal crew
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 13 September 2019 11:27
cypress 05
cypress 05 13 September 2019 10:20
Dear God Korn Is Back🙂
ДМитрий Евгеньевич
ДМитрий Евгеньевич 13 September 2019 10:13
KoЯn, красавцы, что не бросаете творчество и продолжаете нас радовать!!!
Parks Official
Parks Official 13 September 2019 09:46
Definently my favourite song off the album
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