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awas ada yang berak sembarangan
awas ada yang berak sembarangan Today, 21:04
lindsey looks like princess yuwei (sakka's girlfriend who turned into moon spirit) from ATLA Aang.
Mohammadreza Hassanpour
Mohammadreza Hassanpour Today, 20:57
you ARE officially my best Lindsey. and this song; wow i can`t say much about it because i wanna hear it again and again and again!!!! your music just taking me to another world. i getting numb and can NOT think to anything else. its not just music, its a magic.
Susi Carreón
Susi Carreón Today, 20:26
I’m just can’t stop listening, GOD this is amazing😍
LEILA Lopez Today, 20:23
La amo 😍
Pawel zbigniew
Pawel zbigniew Today, 19:50
Lindsey you are so beautiful !!!!!!!!!
martin flores
martin flores Today, 19:39
At the firsth time she play left arm, after use right, any body knows why?
camilo henao
camilo henao Today, 18:47
Mi gato y yo te estamos escuchando :3 desde mi móvil <3
camilo henao
camilo henao Today, 18:46
Uuuffff no pares de hacer tu música . Eres como una diosa Que talento Tienes ! Que video tan genial es fantástico
Elena Campos
Elena Campos Today, 18:08
Where did you get the antlers and how did you secure them?
Talia Talia
Talia Talia Today, 18:07
Thanks Lindsey Stirling we really like you and your music we really like them thanks ☺😊👍
Humbert SOL
Humbert SOL Today, 17:22
Eres increíble, bella y genial. Te quiero
Astra Fate
Astra Fate Today, 17:17
Absolutely stunning
Tech News for Tech Noobs
Tech News for Tech Noobs Today, 17:09
I bet the judges of America's Got Talent over the years have been like "Well...we F-ed up on that decision."Lindsey is one of those "once in a lifetime" kind of talents. She is on a very short list of artists and celebrities I'd love to just be good friends with. Lindsey, Keanu Reeves, Nathan Fillion, Harrison Ford...yeah, I think that's it for my list.
Meta_Cub84 Today, 17:00
This was a beautiful video. I'm glad you do what you do, you help me through a lot of rough times. If I'm ever sad, or in a bad mood, I listen to you, or Pentatonix. It's amazing how music can change the environment. Keep doing what you do! Much love!
Megan Clark
Megan Clark Today, 16:47
I love this video and all of her music ❤❤ Music can alter moods and talk to you 💯 Someone should make an LED hula hoop video w this track 👌 .....ill keep this in mind if I learn the art ❤💯
Skerdy Today, 16:13
Khaleesi has grown horns and has become hotter... way hotter...
Secret bun
Secret bun Today, 15:27
This gives me the old Lindsey Stirling vibeLOVE IT
Laura Christoffer
Laura Christoffer Today, 13:35
WOW ❤️ Gänsehaut pur! ❤️🥰 liebe deine Lieder ❤️
Adam Evalt
Adam Evalt Today, 12:52
I ❤️ Linsey Sterling.... Every thing she does.... Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world 🌎. Angels must constantly dance in her presence.
Vut Punnavarohit
Vut Punnavarohit Today, 12:24
great well ♥
Lucyfer Today, 12:11
she like Daenerys 💕🤘🏻
Tara McWiggan
Tara McWiggan Today, 10:00
I've never been so happy that I listen to Lewis Howes' School of Greatness podcast. I had no idea this treasure existed until I heard her recent interview with him. Good interview too! Her music is amazing!! Wow!! Just.... Wow!!
Luy Mansilla
Luy Mansilla Today, 08:53
I love youuuuu!!! <3
Spencer Hewlett
Spencer Hewlett Today, 08:11
There should be statues of this this goddess!🤓💫
Kevin Gaylord
Kevin Gaylord Today, 06:03
this is a buetiful song always great for reall songs to be herd love it
mike keeling
mike keeling Today, 05:35
ordered the cd should have it early next week
Denis Khromov
Denis Khromov Today, 05:15
Спасибо! Очень понравилось!
luz mariana salazar flores
luz mariana salazar flores Today, 04:48
Lindsey Stirling! Why don't you make music referring to a Greek god? For example you already made artemis :3 only the most prominent but if you make one of Athena <3 You play beautiful!! greetings from Mexico! <3
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Today, 04:46
Johnny Today, 04:36
This is by far one of her best Tracks in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of Eclipse because of the "Dark/Serious" tone with the violin.But overall she has too many songs i like (Shadows, Crystallize, Roundtable Rival and so on).She is simply amazing :)
Genesis Ruiz Martinez
Genesis Ruiz Martinez Today, 03:30
I just got chills hearing this 😍😍
DANI SILVA696 Today, 02:44
Linda maravilhosa talentosa (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻
MOUKIAZOUIZ Today, 02:21
Amazing, as usual!!! Hopefully you'll come tour Canada, and more specifically Montreal, very soon!!!
Alessandro Moroni
Alessandro Moroni Today, 01:32
Bella! Very nice!!
Moonvvitche Today, 01:31
what are the words she's singing?
Kheyreen EM
Kheyreen EM Today, 01:14
Is perfect :3 <3
Edward Emmerson
Edward Emmerson Today, 01:00
assassin's creed odyssey Artemis and the daughters of Artemis
Angélique Desjardins
Angélique Desjardins Yesterday, 23:47
I love this song ! I'd like To see you for a next tour in Belgium because it's too late, sold out..i'm so sad... i'm à great fan for years...
Allen Barclay Allen
Allen Barclay Allen Yesterday, 23:28
Pray for rain..!? That's a church job Mark gospil 39 - - 41 not the UN climate change stalinest communist revolution job..,! I remember Obama Gorge Soros useing HAARP to stop the rain and dry up the Mississippi River..! But we the Church fraught that weather weapon and filled the river to a safe level, and record snow falls melted and re froze so as to keep the river full with out flooding..! We the Church on earth as it is in heaven are the omnipotent power on earth..!
Christiane Reimann
Christiane Reimann Yesterday, 21:50
Demi Lovato,and Lindsay.......That's mi dreams🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kenny García Hernandéz
Kenny García Hernandéz Yesterday, 21:43
Sasha WoodLand
Sasha WoodLand Yesterday, 21:40
That was AMAZING
Вокруг Вязьмы и далее.
Вокруг Вязьмы и далее. Yesterday, 21:39
Супер клип! Смотрел много раз, постоянно хочется смотреть еще.
Lauren Yesterday, 20:03
Love this it’s so beautiful and magical!!!
Sebrina Kostreba
Sebrina Kostreba Yesterday, 19:49
SHi shi
Sebrina Kostreba
Sebrina Kostreba Yesterday, 19:49
I wiLL no goo
Thomas DS
Thomas DS Yesterday, 19:43
Main melody has Star Wars - Binary Sunset/ Force Theme vibes. May the force always be with you Lindsey.
Lions 1600
Lions 1600 Yesterday, 19:41
I really love this song. Her mind and creativity are so beautiful I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with
Grace Zilla
Grace Zilla Yesterday, 18:46
I absolutely love what she does with her violin, dancing and creative outfit techniques. One day I will see this all put together in a live show!
Stan Kornsey
Stan Kornsey Yesterday, 18:03
Lindsey would you consider teaming up with the harp twins you three would change music for ever the sound quality would be so entrancing it will start a new movement of great artist as one , love your style from traverse City Michigan
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