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Wiktoria Mroczka
Wiktoria Mroczka Today, 17:49
She’s like a BILLION times more gorgeous than Danearys 😉
DONUD Today, 16:11
prcnul bych nějakou elfku
TrueColorsArt byCristina
TrueColorsArt byCristina Today, 14:50
Amazing feminine souls,
DecidueyeStudios Today, 13:08
Collab with twoset
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:22
Первый клип это был Crystallize
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:17
I saw you understood that you are a dream a very rare dream
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:14
would like to be yours or be with you
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:13
you are a dream
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:11
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:10
Но ты insade
Andrei Komandin
Andrei Komandin Yesterday, 23:09
Хотел бы быт твоим ( или быть с тобой может быть)
John Land
John Land Yesterday, 02:55
peasemaker4 17 January 2020 23:30
One goddess played by another goddess! i love it!!! I mean Artemis already was my favorite god out of all of em, but this does take her to an even higher level, seeing her in her full glory!!
Aryiah Hotelling
Aryiah Hotelling 17 January 2020 23:28
I think at the beginning half it sounds like the song Underground then changes a little with the voice added in. Love It Always!
Viviana Quintuña
Viviana Quintuña 17 January 2020 21:44
Es magnifica me encata como enterpreta cada video y los hace unicos tiene algo que trasmite con su musica su forma de moverse
Dawne Zone
Dawne Zone 17 January 2020 14:59
♫ ♪ ♥
daniel martilik
daniel martilik 17 January 2020 10:52
Drithulus 17 January 2020 09:28
Is it just me or are there sections in this song that are taken from star wars theme songs? I love the song by the way and i have the playist running when i drive my car :) keep up the great work Lindsey Stirling
nassima metchat
nassima metchat 16 January 2020 15:04
Matthias Bärlocher
Matthias Bärlocher 16 January 2020 09:18
Kevin Gamache
Kevin Gamache 16 January 2020 04:20
The dancing and editing of this video are awesome
Kevin Gamache
Kevin Gamache 16 January 2020 04:18
I love Lindsey have for many years.This is however a "tribute" of sorts to John Williams Star Wars themes.
Artemis 15 January 2020 21:01
Dakota Couture
Dakota Couture 15 January 2020 12:05
Marry me already 😂
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 15 January 2020 04:34
Desde esos años ha cambiado tu forma de vestir
Tomasz H
Tomasz H 14 January 2020 23:49
Is it the same forest as the song 'Beyond The Veil"? ;) Beautiful song and beautiful goddesses :)
Агент мк
Агент мк 14 January 2020 15:55
Girl witcher?
E-man Surfer
E-man Surfer 14 January 2020 07:51
I am in love with this video! Amazing music and great choreography with amazing talent ❤️ all the things I love great music, nature, and a feeling of nostalgia
John Doe
John Doe 14 January 2020 06:02
I wanna see a shpongle/Lindsay Stirling colab
Esmeralda Zepol
Esmeralda Zepol 14 January 2020 05:05
You are specialy!!💜
Walter Fothergill
Walter Fothergill 14 January 2020 04:09
Violin, dance and a voice! Is there any videos where you sing the songs as well as play. Your ability to do all this combined is intriguing.
ValdeMar668 13 January 2020 19:48
This is the your best creation!!!
Brianna Forrester
Brianna Forrester 13 January 2020 19:04
I can’t tell what she’s saying and it’s killing me lolAlso, my favorite part is 0:52
yeetus the fetus
yeetus the fetus 13 January 2020 17:20
What is she singing in this video? I can't find the lyrics anywhere
Monte Christo
Monte Christo 13 January 2020 16:01
I love ;)))
James Grundy
James Grundy 13 January 2020 05:04
Jessica Aparicio
Jessica Aparicio 13 January 2020 03:01
Soy yo o empieza tocando el violín del otro lado? Is it me or does it start playing the violin on the other side?
Tatiana Machado
Tatiana Machado 13 January 2020 01:39
Sandra kookie
Sandra kookie 12 January 2020 03:38
Eres una persona hermosa y con un talento increíble
Jeremiah W
Jeremiah W 12 January 2020 02:01
nicolas marcot
nicolas marcot 11 January 2020 23:48
Daenerys mother of dragons
remus remus
remus remus 11 January 2020 21:40
She is so beatifull
Tarik AlAkkad
Tarik AlAkkad 11 January 2020 21:37
The violin looks like a crossbow in this outfit. Just love it by all means.
SUONO TRITONO 11 January 2020 17:33
Avram Iancu
Avram Iancu 11 January 2020 12:20
Where's the extended version?
Joshua Gilliland
Joshua Gilliland 11 January 2020 12:11
Hey.. I made this orchestra symphony today.. Im posting it here. Because I thought you might appreciate it...
Sebastien Knoerr
Sebastien Knoerr 11 January 2020 11:55
Brandon Long
Brandon Long 11 January 2020 11:55
Some people think its some type of demonic thing going on here... Just letting you know.
Brandon Long
Brandon Long 11 January 2020 11:54
Rags to fighting your way to riches? I dont know....
Brandon Long
Brandon Long 11 January 2020 11:53
Lindsey, may i ask what the true meaning of this video is?
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