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Sebastian Schröder
Sebastian Schröder Today, 17:17
Impressive vid. But what about that toy dog @ 3:26?
anna hieronymus
anna hieronymus Today, 15:52
Valentina: "I'd like to keep it on please"
Queen J Jay
Queen J Jay Today, 15:17
Mother can you adopt me
I have a small pp But
I have a small pp But Today, 12:23
I'm straight I'm straight I'm straight
The Elder
The Elder Today, 09:21
Grimes ( Claire Boucher) studied ballet as a young girl. Dancing up to 8 hours per day. She has always had the ability to appear in highly choreographed dance numbers (including during her live performances) but she turned away from traditional choreography for a more spontaneous and at times, wild and manic dance style for over a decade. I for one, am happy to see her explore her talents with choreographed dancing. I love her wild child, spontaneous dancing, but the type of dancing seen in this music video (with her as the blonde lead with the red mask) is really amazing!
sara Today, 09:07
why am i so obsessed
Robert Bryk
Robert Bryk Today, 05:08
I love the song but the mastering is too hard limited
María Albán
María Albán Today, 03:02
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Today, 01:03
The nostalgia feels....
djbradpitt Today, 00:18
petition to make grimes one of the bene gesserit in the upcoming dune movie
Martin Tóth
Martin Tóth Yesterday, 22:03
this song is an entrance to the future . I'm legit about to cry rn
transwomen aresexistmen
transwomen aresexistmen Yesterday, 21:30
Your boyfriend is a dipshit
Hendrik Chodorek
Hendrik Chodorek Yesterday, 21:27
...wrapping myself in musical satisfaction to fall into the clouds with nothing else but happiness and gratitude for being alive...
Magic Bean
Magic Bean Yesterday, 21:23
What is this dress, makes me want to create more of them
Chris Darish
Chris Darish Yesterday, 20:11
Bring me Nina Hagen and Edelweiss , baby baby baby.
Anastasiia Chernova
Anastasiia Chernova Yesterday, 20:11
This video has everything
KageEi Sha
KageEi Sha Yesterday, 19:22
Leanneissoboring Yesterday, 19:16
This music video is literally perfect.
body intuition
body intuition Yesterday, 18:58
Grimes Y R U SO DOPE
Outsider X
Outsider X Yesterday, 18:28
Oh my gosh love this..
Jimi Gemini
Jimi Gemini Yesterday, 15:31
Mu sic gre-Art-ly made.
peter hackett
peter hackett Yesterday, 13:04
awesome. endless repeat
Chris Darish
Chris Darish Yesterday, 11:20
When she calls I do not walk , I run.
L V Yesterday, 08:38
Pas fan de cette chanson mais toujours aussi bonne
Gabriela Sophia Howl
Gabriela Sophia Howl Yesterday, 07:01
She really let alien musk hit it Wild
la yessi
la yessi Yesterday, 06:21
chinothepony Yesterday, 04:54
Really good video, Grimes. The most refined I've seen. I think you currently have the element of surprise on your side.
— nctzen
— nctzen Yesterday, 02:26
i cant believe she is the girl that introduced looNAAAA
Mari Moon
Mari Moon Yesterday, 02:20
Who else is memorizing the choreography? 💗
Malacandra 17 January 2020 23:50
was this inspired by the OA??
honeybeerose33 17 January 2020 22:29
scø witchbøy
scø witchbøy 17 January 2020 19:59
NyanCat1907 17 January 2020 19:31
I found my aesthetic
Alicer 17 January 2020 17:24
The mask thing is a rip-off from M¥SS KETA's signature mask. Just had to give credits.
Halsey Lumen
Halsey Lumen 17 January 2020 10:08
.. the voice.. with the lyrics.. the aesthetic.. 😌 the dance moves 🔥 🥵
craig79792000 17 January 2020 08:44
The thing about Grimes. Objectively, if I saw her in passing and did not know who she was I would not give her a second look. As soon as I heard her voice I would ask her to marry me and have my babies. I get it Elon. She is amazing.
marie eva
marie eva 17 January 2020 04:53
где мои русские комментаторы?
Mike Drinan
Mike Drinan 17 January 2020 02:38
Literally one of a kind, unique, magical and always irrepressible 🎶
claudia 17 January 2020 02:09
makes me wanna have a party while im listening to this in the shower
pity pirate
pity pirate 17 January 2020 01:19
how is nobody talking about the obvious Hong Kong protest imagery going on here?
Jawaher Saidi
Jawaher Saidi 17 January 2020 00:38
We stan a creative pisces. I love your soul G. #piscesgang
Unidad Voluntad
Unidad Voluntad 17 January 2020 00:03
Danke Schon fur deine Musik
OlegYarmak 16 January 2020 20:27
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter 16 January 2020 19:31
0:42 favorite moment
Xknot Alpha
Xknot Alpha 16 January 2020 18:28
Anything she puts out I AM loving. The dance moves are so fluid. I swear I vibe so hard to especially while micro soldering up my circuits and massaging out some code. I love you GRIMES your an art angel
FillyChloe 16 January 2020 18:06
Oooh! A Hoyt bow) Neat)))
Danielle Pere
Danielle Pere 16 January 2020 16:57
I love her so much, hope this video gets to 200 0000
Christopher E. Pineda
Christopher E. Pineda 16 January 2020 16:09
Random but I don’t know why the barcode on the book in the beginning bothers me so.
Eddie Von Grape
Eddie Von Grape 16 January 2020 15:16
This is brilliant ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
cinerea83 16 January 2020 10:47
the choreography is awesome
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