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Sebastián Torrealba
Sebastián Torrealba Today, 21:39
looks like the OA moves
Kayser Dominguez
Kayser Dominguez Today, 21:24
Now imagine Lady Gaga ft. Grimes omg
Yareni Pérez Gutiérrez
Yareni Pérez Gutiérrez Today, 21:17
Art 💓
apple snow
apple snow Today, 20:28
boring song
Sara Today, 20:21
How did I not know this music existed!?
Sarah Sayour
Sarah Sayour Today, 20:13
Still can't get over this
Lune granite
Lune granite Today, 19:53
Martha K
Martha K Today, 19:53
michelleisageek Today, 19:53
Is she talking about her relationship with Elon Musk????
Miguel Gallardo
Miguel Gallardo Today, 19:49
Jonathan Leon
Jonathan Leon Today, 19:23
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Today, 19:22
do you wanna piggy back, piggy back?
Young Duke
Young Duke Today, 18:12
What a refined song! is it me or did she put on some healthy muscle?
santiago teixeira
santiago teixeira Today, 18:12
you never disappoint girl......
John Padilla
John Padilla Today, 17:40
And I like it like that and I like it like that.
Blue Tooth
Blue Tooth Today, 16:58
What’s with the Sony Aibo puppers?
LuhMeltingIce Today, 16:21
Grimes no auge de toda sua beleza
Ahmedou Fouta
Ahmedou Fouta Today, 15:35
Thank you, Elon.
Parda Put
Parda Put Today, 14:19
This is like my personality that i dont show to anybody to protect your worth cuz you know how beautiful you are inside if people stay and understand a little bit longer to you
giulia quadrifoglio
giulia quadrifoglio Today, 13:51
l LOVE @Grimes
Cezary Today, 12:09
Love it!
LoneSentryMusicHall Today, 11:41
Great music, though the video is soo wrong...
Hover Myr
Hover Myr Today, 10:05
addicted. As always.
Florencia Vitola
Florencia Vitola Today, 09:18
Ok, i fucking love it!!!!!!
Lawrence Warren
Lawrence Warren Today, 07:53
Dominik Zöllner
Dominik Zöllner Today, 07:48
Maybe Elon pulls an Apple and puts your album on every Tesla
Rennan Olliveira
Rennan Olliveira Today, 07:18
Grimes entenda pra mim você é o próprio paradoxo de Fermi
Ron Jason Aborita
Ron Jason Aborita Today, 07:10
Ooh Gurl! I knew that dress was Iris Van Herpen! <3
FryDzN Gaming
FryDzN Gaming Today, 06:11
Love u bb
Thors Domenech
Thors Domenech Today, 04:37
This CHOREOGRAPHY THOUGH! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss bish!!! 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰
Esoteric R
Esoteric R Today, 04:09
the lyrics are immature and generic.
TheEnnisfan Today, 03:58
WTF is she saying? Too much silly effects. All I can make out is the words "baby" and "violence." She's become like an avant garde Britney Spears. Pop Garde. Is that what she's going for?
der Egon Ølsen
der Egon Ølsen Today, 03:37
wow, very nice song, more please
Sherene Hosein
Sherene Hosein Today, 03:32
I am still shaking . Someone send help
Sir Fig Newton Churchhill III
Sir Fig Newton Churchhill III Today, 03:28
It needs more swords and snakes
Psolo Kunktator
Psolo Kunktator Today, 03:11
You should orbit like a moon around world girlie. Glady youre back
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:55
Lol, they are innocent people because they did not kill millions of people? See I dont know as I said I'm still stuck at the part where we dont kill millions of them, starting with the nazis. We. Humanity.
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:47
Right maybe I should tone it down...guys listen dont involve me. I mean i try hard but i mean if they kill millions of you and you cant bring yourself to kill the leaders you are just probably a jew, we will leave it at that.
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:45
I know the Jews are supposedly saints but I mean dont make fun of me...
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:45
Honestly I think people ask me about the nazis to make fun of me. As the devil, do I really want the Jews to forgive the nazis? See what kind of question is that? Think about it. I know it makes me look bad, but it's too late. I didnt even want you all to know but you wouldnt leave me alone about it. Sigh my logic is if someone kills millions of you I am still stuck at the part where you dont kill millions of them! And we are still at that part! Real!
marta Today, 02:43
I'm addicted to this song oh god
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:40
Okay so according to the voices Jessica is a nazi. See exactly my point. I know I'm the devil so supposedly my opinion doesnt count, but honestly I just wanted to be a gay man. I wanted to stop them from molesting babies. I just didnt like the germans!
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 02:37
Lol, okay okay fine. Here it is. Do I want the Jews to forgive the nazis? Oh guys I am the devil what kind of question is that of course not. I dont even understand why it is about the nazis and not all the germans and they sent them to me! Guys of course not what!?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Today, 02:29
You are One of Us or am I One of You. I am in love with you. No worries...I want to let you know that your music touches me in a way that I would rather describe in person. You enrich my life. Thank you.
Alejandro Gómez Naranjo
Alejandro Gómez Naranjo Today, 01:49
Brain hunger
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 01:38
Sigh why have children when you could become God?
Brad tip
Brad tip Today, 01:37
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 01:36
Lol, let's put it this way I make it my business to know my own limitations. Now whether you know them or not are not my concern...for all you know I could die a childless gay man...
SMM Gooz
SMM Gooz Today, 01:32
love it, has the good old vibe
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall Today, 01:30
No listen I definitely am the dajjal. Could I have children? Listen it is all an elaborate riddle. You decide it for yourself. But Muhammad is not the false prophet. I am. He is the comforter thoug
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