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Azroyazirul Azirul
Azroyazirul Azirul Today, 20:44
Michael Sesay
Michael Sesay Today, 20:12
Heartbroken Soul
Heartbroken Soul Today, 20:12
The video is even better than the music...
etienne sciberras
etienne sciberras Today, 19:40
Claire Kan
Claire Kan Today, 19:15
علي علي
علي علي Today, 19:03
صوت الولد احلا بهواي من صوتها
alexacristalx Today, 18:55
I don’t think I will ever get tired of this song, or this performance 😭❤️
Meryem Lemrini
Meryem Lemrini Today, 18:53
Let's talk about camila's clear voice 😍 awesome
London’s world
London’s world Today, 18:49
I call this song LA LA LA
beehxve Today, 18:41
In the end they look like they wanted to kiss
Nucleo Heaven
Nucleo Heaven Today, 18:13
Yes Yes , They are Friends !They are FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS !!😂😂Like if u agree !
naina pinky 11 nainapinky
naina pinky 11 nainapinky Today, 18:02
There should be a kiss when she turned around to Shawn 😁
Morgan Plum
Morgan Plum Today, 17:34
You guys are so cute together!!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!
Rosanna Boule
Rosanna Boule Today, 17:09
I love u
Lu Bel
Lu Bel Today, 17:01
Ups fast mistake in singing at the start of performance 😬
Leonie Lenting
Leonie Lenting Today, 16:53
Lps Emppuu
Lps Emppuu Today, 16:13
So cute
zanab ameer
zanab ameer Today, 16:12
العربي هون يحط لايك 😍😙
Poetic Bitch
Poetic Bitch Today, 16:00
I will sure make a dance video on this song ♥️
Poetic Bitch
Poetic Bitch Today, 15:59
Omg this is so good 😍
DEL02 Revolutionary
DEL02 Revolutionary Today, 13:40
Gina L
Gina L Today, 13:20
Absolutely killed it... love, love, LOVE this performance 👏👏👏
아응 Today, 12:49
난닝구 왜이리 잘어울림?
Annisa Nisa
Annisa Nisa Today, 12:06
The nose at the end so cuteeeeeeeeeeee💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Antonio La mura
Antonio La mura Today, 11:11
Cia viva la pizza coglione stronzo vaffanculo
I purple you
I purple you Today, 10:36
2:08 omg there voice harmony that's so beautiful 😍 😍 😍
Lily Oxley
Lily Oxley Today, 09:49
0:19 oops
최재혁 Today, 09:35
So.... you guys are just FRIEND??
Hot BLAZE Today, 08:35
What if this was lip sync?
pancho 16
pancho 16 Today, 08:34
Maldito desgraciado de Shawn Mendes
Brayan Alberto Tuncar Rayo
Brayan Alberto Tuncar Rayo Today, 08:06
Latinos reportense 😎🙌
Biswajit dey
Biswajit dey Today, 08:00
I love senorita
Whipped cream addict
Whipped cream addict Today, 07:59
I’m tired of them saying we’re not dating YET it clearly looks like it
Peter Grant
Peter Grant Today, 07:56
So many lines n this lyric........not simple stuff for simple people
Joao Lay
Joao Lay Today, 07:51
nice and sexy
JukiLop Today, 06:33
Suscribirte a mejor Team J-U-K-I-L-O-P*L*. *I*. . *K*. *ELas mejores DIVA de momento que esta de moda las perras
Neha Mandelkar
Neha Mandelkar Today, 06:24
That's fab❤❤
Intan Nuraini06
Intan Nuraini06 Today, 06:18
Amaya Patel
Amaya Patel Today, 06:06
No one can deny the chemistry they have!
Jenniffer Carroll
Jenniffer Carroll Today, 05:55
they are so dating.
Maria Paz
Maria Paz Today, 05:20
Amei a música , e amei a junção de dois artistas maravilhosos e talentosos!😍😍😘🔥🔥
Hound19745 Today, 05:15
Little known fact, Caitlyn Jenner wrote this tune.
Mai Erasa
Mai Erasa Today, 05:09
Se te salió el gallo ,😅😂
dawid grondkowski
dawid grondkowski Today, 04:58
tacy fani to skarb
dawid grondkowski
dawid grondkowski Today, 04:57
ale pięknie
spaghetti sauce
spaghetti sauce Today, 04:36
They preform as if no one is watching
Chris Cao
Chris Cao Today, 04:21
Why does Camila look like she trying to be sexual in the beginning
Schroed e
Schroed e Today, 04:04
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Amalia Luna
Amalia Luna Today, 03:35
Nadia Gourine
Nadia Gourine Today, 02:33
ادخلو لحساب ناصر قرو nacer guerre وسمعوها رووووعة حتى احسن من الأصلية لي سمعها يدير جام هنا لاااايك
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