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LilFlightRisk Today, 20:47
Someone said “2:14 Me and the boys after pressing quick restart after failing a gta heist”
Marko Jovanovic
Marko Jovanovic Today, 20:44
what is the music at the start of the video?
homeless man
homeless man Today, 20:41
Cops pigsA.C.A.B BRO🤜🏿🤛🏿Good song
JingTheChickenWing Today, 20:28
REALLY think he shouldve had Tyler as the man in purple, itd be too good
Meme Meme
Meme Meme Today, 20:26
Тебе нравится гугл переводчик?
Kick Jowkowski
Kick Jowkowski Today, 20:12
To all my Russian niggas out. бабушка мальчики
Vlad Vlasov
Vlad Vlasov Today, 19:57
Junior494 Esol494 EsoL Crew
Junior494 Esol494 EsoL Crew Today, 19:51
OrphanCrippler69 Today, 19:51
the cops are presented as pigs in the video, and they're wearing the sweden police uniform.
holy guacamole
holy guacamole Today, 19:39
Am I the only one who smiles when he says “say cheese for the camera” ? Ok.
Saccept !
Saccept ! Today, 19:32
Сразу видно - в Рашке снимали XD
WhoTheHellIsK80 Today, 19:20
can we get some love for the sfx makeup team? them prosthetics was SEAMLESS bro
Phantom Assassin
Phantom Assassin Today, 19:19
моя бабушка поругала меня и отобрала телефон
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Today, 19:18
ебанутая срака летняя старуха
thomas spencer
thomas spencer Today, 19:14
nadda Today, 19:11
Oliver S
Oliver S Today, 18:56
It's kinda bad to be honest...
Bella Teoh
Bella Teoh Today, 18:35
This is the recreation of my nightmares in a music video form 😖😖😖
paris chanelle
paris chanelle Today, 18:09
is it just me or is this music video legit nightmare fuel ?
AlexEspinoza12 Today, 18:02
I guess he’s been hanging out with Tyler for a while...
Israël Sevyn
Israël Sevyn Today, 17:39
Everyone applause the art of repetitively knocking the shit out of a carrillon(or wtv) while talking shit just to make rhymes, with absolutely no flow. lol.. yay
JP Today, 17:28
Я знаю,что вопрос туповат,но много ли тут русскоговорящих?)
krasnik Today, 17:23
Creepy asf
Tezzy Boi
Tezzy Boi Today, 17:09
This bih hard
Максим Максимов
Максим Максимов Today, 17:07
Клип впоряде и музло зашло!
Jeremy Today, 15:19
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! A$AP Rocky - Babushka Boi (Official Video) anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most. “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best. “What happens when people open their hearts?’’’’They get better. “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it. “I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. “You
Иван Кузьмин
Иван Кузьмин Today, 15:11
Не ну неплохо чё
SkyLof Today, 15:10
The best video clip when i saw ever !!!
4qwertyqwerty7 Today, 15:08
Пиздец Нахуй Блять
Ivan Boychuk
Ivan Boychuk Today, 14:19
Русский мотив)))
Coco Harambè
Coco Harambè Today, 14:06
Remember - "no russian"
Marbez Today, 13:56
this is the best videoclip i've ever seen
Иван Сырников
Иван Сырников Today, 13:55
Вот он — настоящий русский патриот. Вместе мы построим Русское Национальное Государство!РУССКИЕ ВПЕРЕД
Александр Морозов
Александр Морозов Today, 13:53
VIKTØVER Today, 13:48
Този коментар не е на руски, а е на български!
banana BRO
banana BRO Today, 13:44
jebem vam boga krmeceg
DEL02 Revolutionary
DEL02 Revolutionary Today, 13:42
Maninder singh
Maninder singh Today, 13:12
Boyz Noise! Asap Rocky! Hands up 🛑
Sueda Au
Sueda Au Today, 12:57
What did I watch?
MotocrossMatthew Today, 12:50
Z Survivor
Z Survivor Today, 12:32
This is highkey brain aids
Maxim T A
Maxim T A Today, 12:05
Edward 007
Edward 007 Today, 12:02
Асап, что за бред? Ты ебнулся?
DOLK ANOJ Today, 11:36
Зауре Балабаева
Зауре Балабаева Today, 11:35
И русские бабушка приготовь котлетки из свенины так захотелось
Oskar Eriksson
Oskar Eriksson Today, 11:32
This is the most ASAP Rocky thing ASAP Rocky has ever done
Relatable Things
Relatable Things Today, 11:30
damn a$ap, you did it again
Alex_ DRAKE Today, 11:29
Hello From Russia!
Иван Сальников
Иван Сальников Today, 11:16
Не бабУшка, а бАбушка.
River •
River • Today, 11:07
A$AP on sum Phonk shit💯
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