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Turnerstorms Today, 06:06
Those hammer-ons in the intro give me goosebumps
Alper Günel
Alper Günel Yesterday, 20:25
Семён Груздев
Семён Груздев Yesterday, 16:21
Что за полтора тысячи ебланов дизлайк поставили ?
Yongil Kim
Yongil Kim Yesterday, 16:07
( -- )(__) 최고죠 ^^
Itamara Rodrigues
Itamara Rodrigues Yesterday, 02:09
Love Metallica ❤😍😍
Uvenal Nix
Uvenal Nix 13 September 2019 11:54
I'm 38 and I'm crying.
Psychopath de Third
Psychopath de Third 13 September 2019 08:50
That fooking badass 🤯
Santiago Nahuel Prieto
Santiago Nahuel Prieto 12 September 2019 21:44
I love this song
Sam Ho
Sam Ho 12 September 2019 16:16
My god the tone of Kirk's guitar is out of this world!
Spartankid 547
Spartankid 547 11 September 2019 23:17
On my dads 55th birthday
simple man
simple man 11 September 2019 03:30
Other teens: Billie eilishme : Metallica 🤘
Олег Гринченко
Олег Гринченко 10 September 2019 23:33
tedja wrathchild
tedja wrathchild 10 September 2019 18:43
My favorite Metallica song, played with a legendary Les Paul. Perfect !
Ang Dakilang Pedro
Ang Dakilang Pedro 10 September 2019 18:07
I need the end to set me free!😁
Вера Прохорова
Вера Прохорова 10 September 2019 10:11
It's so weird listening to this now in 2019. I've had depression for 20 years since the start of high school to the point where this was like my anthem. It's been one of my (if not the one) favorite songs ever. I dunno if it helped or just made me wallow in the depression worse, but I listened to the crap out of it and related so much and had so many feelings associated with it.And now listening to it, after FINALLY getting help and seeing a psychiatrist and treating my mental illnesses, it's weird to hear it again. I still absolutely love the song, but it doesn't resonate in the same way, where I had all the feelings of emptiness, sadness, loneliness, feeling pathetic, and not wanting to exist. Instead, due to the treatment, I no longer hate myself, wish I died, etc, so it doesn't hit me in the same way it used to.I'm not entirely sure if I'm now just seeing it as an amazing song that once meant the world to me, or if I'm seeing it with gratitude that I made it through to the other side, even if it took 20 years and some help from this song for a broken-brained high school kid who felt things would never be anything but terrible.Also, yeah, like many others, shocked by how great they still sound, especially when performing this song.
Siddiq Mohammed
Siddiq Mohammed 9 September 2019 20:39
Is it me or does the moustache make him sing better?
Underdog 9 September 2019 18:12
I like Lars' purple drum set. Very soothing color ...yeah
Mr.K 9 September 2019 01:23
This version is unbelievably amazingly good. Please release it on Spotify as well!!
TrollNoob 2006
TrollNoob 2006 9 September 2019 00:06
TrollNoob 2006
TrollNoob 2006 9 September 2019 00:06
Sami Ul Haq
Sami Ul Haq 8 September 2019 23:33
The best fade to Black performance
Zander Douhne
Zander Douhne 8 September 2019 17:12
Matallica is so great
KOSOSITE 8 September 2019 13:50
intro <3
Hh 8 September 2019 08:39
Am I the only one who likes it half step down?
Ian Lerma
Ian Lerma 7 September 2019 08:10
It sucks being only 15. I'll never get to experience concerts like these with legendary bands. Yes some still do perform but time will soon run out.
Ian Lerma
Ian Lerma 7 September 2019 08:03
Fade to black is my all time favorite Metallica song
Tyler 7 September 2019 07:07
One year ago today the best live performance ever took place.
Me Yo
Me Yo 6 September 2019 18:14
fuck yeah
Kuvluk Gaming
Kuvluk Gaming 6 September 2019 13:06
Previously 6 September 2018, and now 6 September 2019. Still love this song the bestEdit: I know this song in guitar hero 2 extreme.
Bob Donald
Bob Donald 5 September 2019 01:55
I really love the Paint it Black version by The Rolling Stones but this version is .
Jeffrey Ledbetter
Jeffrey Ledbetter 4 September 2019 00:13
Did i actually just hear lars play the DRUMS. 5th wall break.
İsmail Akyol
İsmail Akyol 3 September 2019 19:58
yok mu Türkiyeden ?
fuckingsadd 3 September 2019 15:54
Çok güzel
MelodicMizeryPs3Vids 3 September 2019 03:59
saw them earlier this year and its such a awesome feeling as the entire stadium sings the old songs together. and despite how much people hate lars i was really impressed by how amazing their sound guys amplify his drums so you can hear every hit through the entire stadium
Kerry PeriChicken
Kerry PeriChicken 2 September 2019 12:13
Anyone else wish Kirk would just stick to the original end solo? I feel his improvisations aren't nearly as good.
Michael Jelley
Michael Jelley 1 September 2019 17:53
Outdoors & Indoors
Outdoors & Indoors 1 September 2019 14:04
4:36 kirk plays a part of the blackened solo
WiMa JaCy
WiMa JaCy 1 September 2019 10:58
Oh, i LOVE this song! It's beautiful, and every time I listen to it I feel nostalgia and nice moments come to me ❤🔥
Lav Lavv
Lav Lavv 1 September 2019 06:04
This is one good damn song. My brain 🧠 likes likes it.
EWITT MOTH 1 September 2019 04:13
John Doe
John Doe 31 August 2019 23:15
Kirk and this black nail polish. WTF?!?!?!!!!
Layha Nysma
Layha Nysma 31 August 2019 19:16
WOW still kicking!!
Unread_ Virus
Unread_ Virus 31 August 2019 14:14
They getting old But there songs aint getting old
Dino 666
Dino 666 29 August 2019 02:03
Mark of the beast illuminati confirmed ✝️🙏👌✌️
Byson's Life
Byson's Life 28 August 2019 04:07
Marty: Tornado has the best metal soloKirk: hold my wah
Robin Ewertsson
Robin Ewertsson 28 August 2019 02:00
the cat: ive got 9 lives haha
jeff mcfadden
jeff mcfadden 27 August 2019 15:04
Sux without Jason. Lars get some implants or something, you look like your 90. True Jello get your mind off Hammets butt and in the music. Boy how this band has gone to the dogs. AC/DC is still AC/DC. Led Zep is still Led Zep. These guys, milking the welfare whores tit and will change as the money demands.
Priyanka S Borgohain
Priyanka S Borgohain 27 August 2019 04:28
Who the hell disliked this?!?!
Meena Kaur
Meena Kaur 26 August 2019 18:47
That les Paul sounds really good🤤
Игорь Марков
Игорь Марков 26 August 2019 12:07
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