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LovechrisForever1 Today, 17:37
😍🔥🔥🔥on repeat
Tony Kameta
Tony Kameta Today, 17:28
I'll be listening to this on blast with my wife in 25 years
Александр Леонтьев
Александр Леонтьев Today, 17:09
Не ищи комментарии на русском, я проверил, их тут нет)
1Kilo Oficial
1Kilo Oficial Today, 16:58
Vitor Oliveira
Vitor Oliveira Today, 16:53
These shots até pure art!!
Raymond Fleming
Raymond Fleming Today, 16:45
Sophie S
Sophie S Today, 16:04
MEGHAN DAVID Today, 15:58
the "Do you really" part is interesting
jnthenge Today, 15:49
Very nice... (In borat like voice)
Siskin 03
Siskin 03 Today, 14:42
He should have passed the blunt to Kendrick
AK87Berlin Today, 13:16
Dat hook
Lemon-Man Caleb
Lemon-Man Caleb Today, 13:13
Every single shot in this music video could be an album cover 😵
Shabir Azizi
Shabir Azizi Today, 10:45
do anybody know the girls igs? 'preciate it, songs straight 🔥🔥 tho
Eddie baker
Eddie baker Today, 10:23
I feel like Kendrick ain’t even in the video you never see his face
Devrim Ayer
Devrim Ayer Today, 10:20
so high
Gezus Oliver
Gezus Oliver Today, 10:03
Is that car real?
A dumb Adam
A dumb Adam Today, 09:55
2:09 -2:23 🐐
ThePeopleInThePlanes Today, 09:55
Kendrick never really showed his face in the entire video. I wonder why
Raman Shekhar
Raman Shekhar Today, 09:50
I love it!🙌
Tiivo Taylor
Tiivo Taylor Today, 09:30
Saturday morning
my nigga
my nigga Today, 08:58
fuckk who dislike this
OMD Trees
OMD Trees Today, 08:50
SIR dropping a bomb on 8/30!!!
mikola bagriy
mikola bagriy Today, 07:43
Kdot album please
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins Today, 07:14
Best birthday gift ❤️🔥
ssanchez7987 Today, 07:09
#banger #dallastx
Tzaki Today, 06:49
gets better the more you listen to it
Poke The Bear
Poke The Bear Today, 06:43
henrique Today, 06:41
Kendrick é mt brabo, pqp
John Kiehl
John Kiehl Today, 06:31
This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Makaveli Lives
Makaveli Lives Today, 06:05 I've been waiting for an album . No rush tho 🤘🤘
Maya Mosley
Maya Mosley Today, 05:56
Love how Kendrick doesnt really reveal himself 👀😍 ... SIR is dope❤
Dilupa Lakshan
Dilupa Lakshan Today, 05:44
Kendrick lamar lit 🔥
ok ko
ok ko Today, 05:31
1:20 holy shit they're beautiful
Sir is 32 years old!! Let that sink in.. FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS!!
Bread Today, 04:17
This is one of the best songs I think I've ever heard
ARTEM TEKTA Today, 03:51
это сильно!
Tyrone Tamakoue
Tyrone Tamakoue Today, 03:39
This video clip is so on point, the optical illusions are awesome. Heat
Ereasheous Foxworth
Ereasheous Foxworth Today, 02:57
This song got a chill vibe to it...lm hear for it ✨🙏🏾
Nalin Palin 69 69
Nalin Palin 69 69 Today, 02:38
Kendrick “talk” voice #6: Unlocked
Wadder Today, 02:37
I LOVE SiR's off beat style w the verses & kendrick perfects it. Amen.
DAReal DASizzle
DAReal DASizzle Today, 02:10
The longer it takes k dot to make a new album the better it will be
Tyler Garber
Tyler Garber Today, 02:06
When you see your elementary school in the background!
greg farmer
greg farmer Today, 01:56
prodbysentzu Today, 01:48
Soooo ... is that Kendrick? 👀
gahb palo
gahb palo Today, 01:39
i see the inspiration from a$ap
Papi Sarr
Papi Sarr Today, 00:31
I watched this video 6 times before i noticed the old school car didn't have wheels.
GnarlyCitrine684! Today, 00:27
Peaches Watkins
Peaches Watkins Today, 00:01
Im here because of snoop dogg
Hooray Yesterday, 23:55
Gotta love industry plants
hassan dzawa
hassan dzawa Yesterday, 23:36
Kendrick is the goat
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