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Mariah Asshley Porta
Mariah Asshley Porta Today, 17:53
If I see this dude in person I'll open my thighs, widely. Lol ....P.S Don't worry that's never gonna happen hahaha
Da Today, 16:49
I just wanna reallaal thIIngss umumum
Rachael Warren
Rachael Warren Today, 12:02
i’m glad he’s getting big now
Amazing :VV
Amazing :VV Today, 05:15
argh this voice's so beautiful <3
Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑
Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑 Today, 03:39
Don Pedaso
Don Pedaso Yesterday, 23:39
02:08 uffffffffffff
Adilene Ochoa
Adilene Ochoa Yesterday, 22:07
shippeo yoonmin ysi
shippeo yoonmin ysi Yesterday, 22:04
Florin Pop
Florin Pop Yesterday, 21:04
I like man
Roshni Chiluka
Roshni Chiluka Yesterday, 02:48
Would you look at this 90s Leonardo DiCaprio looking, Shawn Mendes sounding son of a gun, bestowing us a bop!!
FluxX Psycho
FluxX Psycho Yesterday, 01:53
I don't know whether to hate this song for reminding me about my dad or love this song for reminding me about my dad
Yara Jacy
Yara Jacy Yesterday, 00:49
CAMILO HERNANDEZ 13 September 2019 23:49
que cancion de mierda y no me deja de salir
Johan Riedenlow
Johan Riedenlow 13 September 2019 22:23
Billie Eilish - Do you like saxophone? This is my version of I LOVE YOU
Mariana Zuniga
Mariana Zuniga 13 September 2019 22:15
Pol Gesmohol
Pol Gesmohol 13 September 2019 21:42
ooof, came in my suggestions but just sounds like crying boohoo a'hole
Love, Jasmine
Love, Jasmine 13 September 2019 20:53
This song shot me back to another one of his songs painkiller because of the beat in the back and I love it I was like woahhh 2:12
By the way
By the way 13 September 2019 20:16
Oh @RUEL you are a wonderful singer. Today I found this song and from the first listening to it, I fell in love. Please make a lot of songs because they are great
lolikuh1 13 September 2019 19:39
When you pay so youtube makes your song come after Billie Ellish to get publicity...
abdullah dastagir
abdullah dastagir 13 September 2019 18:33
Not thinkin’ bout you: But every time every time I see you I know I’m not ready yet Real thing: but I think my heart is ready My question is “Is going to some sort of relationship or something??”
Marty & Benny Channel
Marty & Benny Channel 13 September 2019 17:52
tomy robledo
tomy robledo 13 September 2019 14:53
Loveeee !! 💜
ORI Aliev
ORI Aliev 13 September 2019 14:42
the best music video I've ever seen 😍
Simran Gaikwad
Simran Gaikwad 13 September 2019 12:45
Love you Ruel from India ❤
Sibirian of tank
Sibirian of tank 13 September 2019 06:53
всем привет
Alexandra Angamarca
Alexandra Angamarca 13 September 2019 06:29
Me encanta ❤❤😅
Zen 13 September 2019 06:05
Glad im here. Thanks youtube.
Brittany Maggs
Brittany Maggs 13 September 2019 05:04
ruel, what a vocalist! so good !  I just released my new song and its music video, it would mean a lot if you head over to my channel and check it out ! x
Star Girl
Star Girl 13 September 2019 03:02
princess 13 September 2019 02:42
Shawn Mendes who?
Tammy Sanchez
Tammy Sanchez 13 September 2019 01:50
Is it just me or does he sound like a mix of Shawn Mendez and Justin Bieber ?
Emilia Milena
Emilia Milena 13 September 2019 01:47
and i oop- sksksksksk save the tutrles
Maria 26
Maria 26 13 September 2019 01:29
Watch this
Antonia Elrick
Antonia Elrick 13 September 2019 01:14
Nate Theron
Nate Theron 13 September 2019 00:45
Just saw fuel on sunrise 🤪
Maria de Fatima sousa Sousa
Maria de Fatima sousa Sousa 13 September 2019 00:37
Pizza é melhor q hambúrguer ;-;
Lee Ah
Lee Ah 12 September 2019 23:48
Best click I made this week
Ilona Ice
Ilona Ice 12 September 2019 19:53
Omg i love it !!!!!
Mat Hatter
Mat Hatter 12 September 2019 19:09
Sounds like a deeper version of Justin bieber
Thais Urzedo
Thais Urzedo 12 September 2019 19:08
Shaw mendes igualzinho Oi🇧🇷🇧🇷
Fabrizio Mr White
Fabrizio Mr White 12 September 2019 17:58
WTF is this?
Black Pink Fans
Black Pink Fans 12 September 2019 17:36
This song so like Company - Justin Bieber 🙃
carol espayos
carol espayos 12 September 2019 17:10
Lauren 12 September 2019 13:46
my favourite singer
Zachary Bernard Carlton
Zachary Bernard Carlton 12 September 2019 12:23
Put in your best and smoke it. Making real of fantasy. Imagine with fantasy. Left your sanctuary. Wow. Wow. Memories.
Mono RM
Mono RM 12 September 2019 11:46
Without me?
fati ْ
fati ْ 12 September 2019 11:13
once again; woah!
Redgucci Shoes
Redgucci Shoes 12 September 2019 10:02
Ruel: i just want the real thingMe: me too boo😩
Camila Silva
Camila Silva 12 September 2019 06:47
Você é simplesmente incrível que talento que voz que letras de música tu é um ser de Luz que irá ganhar o mundo
May Tate
May Tate 12 September 2019 02:39
This is the Real Thing Second Earth Age we are living right now and there are 3 Earth Age's time is almost up for this Age you need to do this for all the love ones you truly love go to Congregation Smyrna Website It will bring Tears to your eye's click on videos with love
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