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Dmitry K
Dmitry K Today, 21:05
Haha)) James turns into a grandpa, I mean he looks more and more like pa)) Ok, now seriously, I've just caught myself on thinking that these guys they obviously don't do shows for money any more. They have everything. I'mI'm pretty sure they do this for pleasure, their own pleasure. Right or wrong? Not a fan for a long time already, though I respect them more and more. Legend.
Alex Ogurtsoy
Alex Ogurtsoy Today, 19:44
João Paulo
João Paulo Today, 16:51
I Love you metallicaaaa
Rockerz Nusantara
Rockerz Nusantara Today, 14:07
can someone tell me what song they played in intro?
Get a Skill
Get a Skill Today, 11:00
Tough as Metal. Pounding it for decades!!! Never Fade Away* They're sending waves through history! Rock on FOREVER! They deserve every mountain they own!
Craig B
Craig B Today, 05:04
Jason looks really different with long dark hair it’s weird
Mäusegriller Today, 00:04
Mit Tränen in den Augen. Ja!
m Dearman
m Dearman Yesterday, 22:11
The last time that I saw them preform this song live in 2018, after the song James said “I still love that song so much! We wrote that back when we were little girls”. I love James and Metallica for life.
Lany Namer
Lany Namer Yesterday, 20:07
Lars hammers nails in my ears, but Kirk's so pretty good on his fingers and strings... Yeah!
gaming holic TV
gaming holic TV Yesterday, 19:21
hugo saldano
hugo saldano Yesterday, 19:11
Kirk... con la guitarra de Gary Moore.... esa Viola vuelve a los escenarios
Noel Collinge
Noel Collinge Yesterday, 17:23
Ang Dakilang Pedro
Ang Dakilang Pedro Yesterday, 16:31
mika Yesterday, 13:31
If this isn't the best performance of all performances of all times , please tell which one is
Nurdoğan Yesterday, 12:33
What a gorgeous LP
Dean Harkness
Dean Harkness Yesterday, 06:44
And Ride The Kill Puppets is my favorite album.
Andrew Roessler
Andrew Roessler Yesterday, 06:38
8:30wut are thooooooose
Abhishek Dey
Abhishek Dey 13 September 2019 20:07
Legendary performance goosebumps...big fan love frm india❤️
con.bombadil 13 September 2019 18:59
After all this time this may be my favorite vocal performance by James Hetfield on this song
Habsta71 13 September 2019 09:21
Lars Sucks
POLÔNES ALVES 1983 13 September 2019 04:12
Metallica the best king metal
G-Shock Jock
G-Shock Jock 13 September 2019 03:31
Caio Araujo
Caio Araujo 12 September 2019 19:37
I think the begin was a song of gojira kkkk
Visako Nakhro
Visako Nakhro 12 September 2019 17:55
I like the old metallica 🖤
Aleksandar Stojsic
Aleksandar Stojsic 12 September 2019 17:54
Lars killing it
Metal Head Gamer.
Metal Head Gamer. 12 September 2019 13:51
the new intro is a bit weird prefer the theme tune from the good the bad and the ugly.
Nautilus1972 12 September 2019 12:53
This song probably saved my life 30 years ago. I have beautiful 9 year old twin girls now and i'm grateful for their gift. Thank you Metallica.
Lance Dizon
Lance Dizon 12 September 2019 10:18
lars is actually playing good what the fuck
jummpin1 12 September 2019 07:53
Angie Schwab
Angie Schwab 12 September 2019 07:49
saw Metallica live nov 2009 columbus ohio and it was fuckin awesome!! Love U Kirk
seinfan 12 September 2019 06:42
Fuck they're old.
gonzalo orellana
gonzalo orellana 12 September 2019 02:23
Intro song name?
Денис Ваз
Денис Ваз 11 September 2019 19:53
Да... Старость... Мать её етить
SuperAnthony82 11 September 2019 17:47
kirk is absolutely out of this world....he does his soles like we drink a glass of water...unbelievable...
John Wagner
John Wagner 11 September 2019 15:33
Never thought I'd say they're looking old! BUT, still kick severe ass!!!! I remember when they just came on the scene, they turned the music world upside down!!
João Guimarães
João Guimarães 11 September 2019 06:17
I just wish this would be played with a real drummer.
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross 11 September 2019 03:36
35 years I've loved them. 😘
Boris Shevlyakov
Boris Shevlyakov 11 September 2019 01:04
Да, металлисты уже не те.
Sixjac 10 September 2019 23:04
Just people doing there thing at thing right time!!! Lucky fucks
Pradeep S
Pradeep S 10 September 2019 20:48
Oh the intro is classy in itself. Kill em all. No one like Metallica. You guys will never fade.
POL1S TSAOUSIDIS 10 September 2019 15:42
i love this band from albania!!!
Dan Allnatt
Dan Allnatt 10 September 2019 14:30
So glad that the Green/Moore '59 Les Paul is being used on the road still.
K4M4K4Z 10 September 2019 13:28
Grow up with this band never ceases to amaze!
Astro de Verste
Astro de Verste 10 September 2019 12:43
So happy I was at this concert and see the best band in the world performing the best song ever made ! Pure blessings
Corttez Videos
Corttez Videos 10 September 2019 10:04
best band ever 😈
Alex Fink
Alex Fink 10 September 2019 10:02
What is the riff being played before they start??
تعلم الإنجليزية مع اشرف
تعلم الإنجليزية مع اشرف 10 September 2019 06:20
I love their playing since i Heard them when i was a little kid they are genious in playing waw
Alexandr Kovalenko
Alexandr Kovalenko 10 September 2019 06:03
And monkey has no idea how to play :)
Alexandr Kovalenko
Alexandr Kovalenko 10 September 2019 06:02
Heh, how funny Kirk saves him :)
Jeff Hind
Jeff Hind 10 September 2019 05:53
It’s crazy remember when we all called them sellouts for making a Video
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