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ERA Today, 20:08
Avoir enchanté autant de monde pour mourir de cette façon, quelle tragédie!
Heavyl 88
Heavyl 88 Today, 20:00
Лучшей, светлая память...Царствие небесное
Valmir Cherubim
Valmir Cherubim Today, 19:44
Esse som é muito tri mesmo, top! Vila Nova zona sul de Porto Alegre RS Brasil. 15/09/201913:44h
Anderson Portilho
Anderson Portilho Today, 17:19
Otabor Egharevba
Otabor Egharevba Today, 17:10
Still watching in September 2019
Merrlengg 9
Merrlengg 9 Today, 17:01
Администратор Сайта
Администратор Сайта Today, 16:26
гитара разрывает бёдрафигня что я умерла
QUEENMEDIA Today, 16:20
Lagu kerem sejak dulu hingga sekarang masih tetep enak didenger
Alex Kulikov
Alex Kulikov Today, 14:43
Энергетика зашкаливает, переключил с кавера Кравец, ну не то вроде и похоже, но ... не то, совсем не то.
gerard sheehy
gerard sheehy Today, 13:16
The Limerick Banshee and we're proud of her
meng lala
meng lala Today, 12:20
please tell i'm too drunk and thinking she's....
Doge _172
Doge _172 Today, 02:42
For 1999 that’s impressive video quality
New Kids Kerosin
New Kids Kerosin Today, 02:18
Ledia Isufi
Ledia Isufi Today, 02:04
4:20 till 5 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Ledia Isufi
Ledia Isufi Today, 01:58
She a fucking legend
nemoj777 Yesterday, 23:56
Лучший медляк моей молодости. ИЁГЭЭЭЭ...
Роман Чер
Роман Чер Yesterday, 23:43
Просто красавица! Навсегда!
Ludo 2 Marseille
Ludo 2 Marseille Yesterday, 23:41
IrishP Mcl
IrishP Mcl Yesterday, 23:40
The video for this was made in the area I live and I'm proud to be from west Belfast proud to be Irish 🇮🇪...R.I.P Dolores taken to soon rest with the rest of the angels💚
Миха Маляр
Миха Маляр Yesterday, 22:57
Жаль её талант был оборван старухой с косой. А такая весёлая боевая девчонка была.
Антон Yesterday, 22:21
Это бомба , Ударник уровень !!!!!!!!!!!
Віталій Штефан
Віталій Штефан Yesterday, 22:05
Erick Eduardo Bizetto
Erick Eduardo Bizetto Yesterday, 21:59
Setembro 2019? 🔊🎻 quem mais?
Иван Максимов
Иван Максимов Yesterday, 21:33
ИИООХЕЕ ее неповторимо.
siro pchik
siro pchik Yesterday, 20:32
Крутая была тётка 🤘
BooBoo Upshoot Productions
BooBoo Upshoot Productions Yesterday, 20:08
I wanna know who is the almost 10 thousand people who disliked this! So much energy and amazing sounds
Gen Marie
Gen Marie Yesterday, 18:17
I used to play this song on the guitar while mimicking Dolore's voice when singing but I just couldn't. 😅 I love almost all their songs actually and I used to play it everyday back in my teenage years.Dolore's voice was so unique it's like she's yodelling in a sweet rough style. One of my fave band and one of my fave irish singer. RIP Dolores ❤
The Misunderstood Assassin
The Misunderstood Assassin Yesterday, 17:12
I'm glad that I took this performance of "Zombie" off Watch Later. The song sounded better than it did in the studio version! 🔥
Jade Osias
Jade Osias Yesterday, 14:10
Best song ever..Good vibes!Dolores
Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose Yesterday, 12:05
This voice could never be duplicated. She had a voice that was only hers. RIP Delores
Ahmed Afcer Shishir
Ahmed Afcer Shishir Yesterday, 10:42
May your soul rest in peace my love! ❤
meow chiii
meow chiii Yesterday, 07:51
25 sept 2019
Anton Ko
Anton Ko Yesterday, 07:05
RIP and respect from Russia.Sept 2019
Claudia Morena
Claudia Morena Yesterday, 06:37
Marcou minha vida .Que saudades.
Daniel Lucio
Daniel Lucio Yesterday, 03:37
Rip Dolores.
chungs simple life in America
chungs simple life in America Yesterday, 02:45
Good .music
Barnald Yesterday, 02:36
The greatest there was and will ever be. She made me fall in love with music. Such a beautiful soul x
Greatbritishpatriot Greatbritishpatriot
Greatbritishpatriot Greatbritishpatriot Yesterday, 02:26
Dolores you were a beautiful womanYou had a beautiful voice and you were taken far too soonRIP DOLORES.
Саша Деревенсков
Саша Деревенсков Yesterday, 02:12
Моя любовь
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer Yesterday, 00:56
Detlef Wischnewski
Detlef Wischnewski Yesterday, 00:55
Great Song 👍
Владислав Щербина
Владислав Щербина Yesterday, 00:09
Дівчинко,як ти рано від нас пішла.Ти номер один у всесвіті.
Jose Galan
Jose Galan 13 September 2019 23:48
que recuerdos
Lis Elastic
Lis Elastic 13 September 2019 23:25
Простое человеческое спасибо за песню! И за тебя, Dolores!
Neelanshu Kumar
Neelanshu Kumar 13 September 2019 22:52
People say this is so good that it sounds just like the recorded version but Man this looks just SO AMAZING it's even freaking Better than the recorded version!!!
Patrick West
Patrick West 13 September 2019 22:40
not only attractive.talented.gorgeous.and of course irish.what a sad loss a true legend
Андрей Фонарёв
Андрей Фонарёв 13 September 2019 22:17
Ещё одна бесславнаям певица,какой надо быть дурой,чтобы убить себя наркотой???
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari 13 September 2019 21:31
Incredible voice. Her soulful voice moves my soul to another plane.
Виталий Улитин
Виталий Улитин 13 September 2019 20:21
Покойся с миром милая соловушка.
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