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Motard Renaud
Motard Renaud Today, 20:36
les meilleurs
Jared Xavier
Jared Xavier Today, 01:24
rob looks great!
Gilson Aparecido Inoscencio
Gilson Aparecido Inoscencio Yesterday, 04:52
Very Crazy!!!!
malou cabuag
malou cabuag 13 September 2019 23:36
Love you guys.
bon bon
bon bon 13 September 2019 20:06
Tari Putri
Tari Putri 13 September 2019 10:55
Юрий Хрисанфов
Юрий Хрисанфов 13 September 2019 10:26
Vlaaadimir beeetmaan 🦇
Karla Irungaray
Karla Irungaray 13 September 2019 09:18
Alex Carbone
Alex Carbone 13 September 2019 01:49
Fucking amazing respect
Nicolas Jimenez
Nicolas Jimenez 12 September 2019 22:13
Ese es el publico de "tini" en argentina jajjaa con este tema minimo te cagas a trompadas con tu vieja y el poco ni te cuento . saludos de argentina amigos
German Ugalde
German Ugalde 12 September 2019 20:19
se paso bien ese dia
Aldo Aldo
Aldo Aldo 12 September 2019 04:26
Sin duda los de Mexico son pecho frio.
Chico Electronico
Chico Electronico 12 September 2019 02:22
Letra:Say your prayers little oneDon't forget, my sonTo include everyoneTuck you in, warm withinKeep you free from sin'Till the sandman he comesSleep with one eye openGripping your pillow tightExit, lightEnter, nightTake my handWe're off to never-never landSomethings wrong, shut the lightHeavy thoughts tonightAnd they aren't of Snow WhiteDreams of war, dreams of liarsDreams of dragon's fireAnd of things that will biteSleep with one eye openGripping your pillow tightExit, lightEnter, nightTake my handWe're off to never-never landNow I lay me down to sleepNow I lay me down to sleepI pray the Lord my soul to keepI pray the Lord my soul to keepIf I die before I wakeIf I die before I wakeI pray the lord my soul to takeI pray the lord my soul to takeHush little baby, don't say a wordAnd never mind that noise you heardIt's just the beasts under your bedIn your closet, in your headExit, lightEnter, nightGrain of sandExit, lightEnter, nightTake my handWe're off to never-never landYeah!We're off to never-never landTake my handWe're off to never-never landTake my hand
Kinq Julii
Kinq Julii 11 September 2019 22:01
4:55 when u nut
Leo Cruz
Leo Cruz 11 September 2019 06:16
D best
Omar 11 September 2019 02:34
This is how you put on a ROCK SHOW! Dayum!!
Camilo Andres Rubiano Hernandez
Camilo Andres Rubiano Hernandez 10 September 2019 19:53
Se han dado cuenta que en partes aparece james con camiseta negra y en otras partes de la misma cancion con un esqueleto, como si las mangas desaparecieran y luego volvieran aparecer.
Fergie Fergus
Fergie Fergus 10 September 2019 19:40
This is the one and only heavy metal band I love.
Сидор Васильев
Сидор Васильев 10 September 2019 15:33
А в Самаре в воскресенье пьяный Дима Еблан пел...пи.дец......
สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา
สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา 10 September 2019 05:44
Zachary Ledbetter
Zachary Ledbetter 10 September 2019 04:13
1:43James: " ONYAH!"
Scot C
Scot C 9 September 2019 16:55
It shouldn't be - but Central & South American audiences put US audiences to shame! Fury & passion - singing back lyrics AND the music!? Incredible!
Lis4 9 September 2019 16:45
call of duty bring me here
JC Denton
JC Denton 8 September 2019 21:35
Someone is missing....The Sandman himself!ECW ECW ECW
Jonas Franco
Jonas Franco 8 September 2019 17:53
water boy
water boy 8 September 2019 10:10
también en México Rockean
jen amirgholi
jen amirgholi 8 September 2019 01:38
endorphins, what a drug!
Rumeth jayasinghe
Rumeth jayasinghe 7 September 2019 18:14
When you have 7 minutes to live in this earth
Volvox 7 September 2019 13:05
I see they could get very successful if they just keep it up! Keep it up Metallica! You got it! 🙂💪🏻
Isaac Garcia ruiz
Isaac Garcia ruiz 7 September 2019 08:28
El minuto 2:30 es hermoso
Vitoria Vitoria
Vitoria Vitoria 7 September 2019 03:48
Viva el Paraguay
yigit 7 September 2019 01:57
I wanna say lots of thing about Metallica but I guess INCREDIBLE is enough!
b c
b c 5 September 2019 09:10
George Kennedy lost a lot of weight and plays guitar?
Neg Ative
Neg Ative 4 September 2019 12:56
The first time I heard this song, I knew Metallica had jumped the shark into full on clown/sellouts. Metal is dead - replaced by Industrial Metal and Grunge - both of which are far more interesting anyway.
4 Seasons Services
4 Seasons Services 4 September 2019 11:53
balian van hasz
balian van hasz 4 September 2019 08:25
We miss you James....
Sebastian Pereira
Sebastian Pereira 4 September 2019 08:17
Энергией этой песни можно отапливать Заполярье...лет 400..
Alejandra Romo
Alejandra Romo 4 September 2019 06:48
Aun recuerdo ese hermoso dia que no puede dormir 3 putos dias de la emoción
Thanadol Jarujinda
Thanadol Jarujinda 4 September 2019 00:50
I LOVE ENTER SANDMAN 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
hungry pete goes yeet
hungry pete goes yeet 3 September 2019 21:31
Looks lit
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 3 September 2019 07:04
Brings back memories!👍👊
C Z 2 September 2019 20:53
Take my hand
victor villegas
victor villegas 1 September 2019 20:23
Love the energy from the crowd.
Scorch Life
Scorch Life 1 September 2019 16:01
Great show
Bubba J
Bubba J 1 September 2019 16:00
I watched the 1991 version and his voice sounded a little bit better than in this video.
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz 1 September 2019 07:34
I like
secchi ltda
secchi ltda 31 August 2019 20:15
Show isso é rock de verdade
Vicente Valdez
Vicente Valdez 31 August 2019 16:44
Amo el rock
leonie mueller
leonie mueller 31 August 2019 14:05
I am so glad that I have witnessed this genius band live. Pure, powerful, real Rock. Would prefer to listen a year 24/7 to those guys to a single Cardi B-Song
vasya ivankov
vasya ivankov 31 August 2019 12:35
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