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메쏘드 Today, 18:13
L B.
L B. Today, 18:02
Women abuser
telemetryz Today, 17:57
Give her a beating Chris... you da man
telemetryz Today, 17:56
smells like jerry cream and grape pop. Yuck.
Mari Vaz
Mari Vaz Today, 17:55
Drake just too funny with them speakers and his 360 moves 😂😂😂
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Today, 17:49
Drake talented af he sing rap act and danced in this video!! 💪💪
Saz Buzza
Saz Buzza Today, 17:41
Great video, would be better without the video girls 😂
Lazar Arsic
Lazar Arsic Today, 17:34
0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 9:06⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻One watch costs 1 like thank you <3
Emily Gauthier
Emily Gauthier Today, 17:33
Anyone else see Chris brown do the hand jive at 2:27 😂
Divya Jyoti
Divya Jyoti Today, 17:33
Became my favourite song
DJ SxM Today, 17:28
4:07 :Dance battle 5:27 i don't wanna play no games
KESTAS GAMER Today, 17:16
Nice autotune
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson Today, 17:11
andre hustlenflo
andre hustlenflo Today, 17:01
Cb so sexy ♥️♥️♥️👅👅
h YES Today, 16:54
Lmfaooo when the lil boy said DANCE BATTLE! Drake was like oh shit
frontrow1003 frontrow1003
frontrow1003 frontrow1003 Today, 16:34
I think they left you
Miss702 unknown
Miss702 unknown Today, 16:28
Michael Jackson Moonwalker movie is the inspiration for this video. I love it.
Donal Ramiah
Donal Ramiah Today, 16:27
Blair Williams
Blair Williams Today, 16:24
This video so stupid wtf 😂
Robb Beatz
Robb Beatz Today, 16:21
Where's Riri?
jumbo martinez
jumbo martinez Today, 15:55
Love yur chris brown💗💗💗💗
Damon Delgado
Damon Delgado Today, 15:50
Mayne f*ck that woman beater and f*ck drakes fake ass for doing a song with him. Dude got bitch slapped by puff daddy lmao what a pu**y! I bet yall fools are gonna listen to R. Kelly right after this. Stay asleep yall cattle
Nyah Today, 15:45
How many people know this place ??
whitwhit87 Today, 15:40
Chris...hmmm...looks sus...
rellyrell3991 Today, 15:34
Why does Chris Brown look like a Puerto Rican drug dealer 😂😂😂
Geron Oliveira
Geron Oliveira Today, 15:23
Crazy Drake dance kkkkk
manas rout
manas rout Today, 15:22
This song makes me stylish and get energetic feeling thanks my brother
Charles Mateus
Charles Mateus Today, 15:11
[Intro: Che Ecru & Drake]Before I die I'm tryna fuck you, babyHopefully we don't have no babiesI don't even wanna go back homeHopefully, I don't leave you on your own[Verse 1: Drake]AyyTrips that you plan for the next whole weekBands too long for a nigga so cheapAnd your flex OD, and your sex ODYou got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)You got it, girl, you got (Yeah)Pretty lil' thing, you got a bag and now you wildin'You just took it off the lot, no mileageWay they hittin' you, the DM lookin' violentTalkin' wild, you come around and now they silentFlew the coop at 17, no guidanceYou be stayin' low but you know what the vibes isAin't never got you nowhere bein' modestPoppin' shit but only 'cause you know you're poppin', yeah[Chorus: Drake]You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)You got it, girl, you got it [Verse 2: Chris Brown]Lil' baby in her bag, in her BirkinNo nine to five, put the work inFlaws and all, I love 'em all, to me, you're perfectBaby girl, you got it, girl, you got it, girl (Oh-oh)You got it, girl, you got it, girl (Ooh)[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]I don't wanna play no games, play no gamesFuck around, give you my last name (Oh)Know you tired of the same damn thingThat's okay 'cause, baby, you[Chorus: Drake, Chris Brown & Both]You got it, girl, you got it (Oh, ooh, ayy)You got it, girl, you got it (Got it)[Verse 3: Chris Brown]You the only one I'm tryna make love to, pickin' and choosin'They ain't really love you, runnin' games, usin'All your stupid exes, they gon' call againTell 'em that a real nigga steppin' inDon't let them niggas try you, test your patienceTell 'em that it's over, ain't no debatin' (Uh)All you need is me playin' on your playlistYou ain't gotta be frustrated [Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]I don't wanna play no games, play no games (Oh)Fuck around, give you my last name (My last name)Know you tired of the same damn thing (Same damn thing)That's okay 'cause, baby, you[Chorus: Drake, Chris Brown & Both]You got it, girl, you got it (Oh, ooh, ayy)You got it, girl, you got it (Got it)I don't wanna[Post-Chorus: Chris Brown & Che Ecru]Before I die, I'm tryna fuck you, baby (Yeah)Hopefully, we don't have no babies (Ooh)I don't even wanna go back homeHopefully, I don't leave you on your ownYou got it, girl, you got it, oh[Verse 4: Drake & Chris Brown]Play no games (No)Freaky (Freaky)I can learn a lot from you, gotta come teach me (Woo, woo)You a lil' hot girl, you a lil' sweetie (No, sweet)Sweet like Pearland, sweet like Peachtree (Like that)I can tell you crazy, but shit kind of intrigue me (No, yeah, I like that)(I don't wanna, I don't wanna)Seen it on the 'gram, I'm tryna see that shit in 3D, mamiI know I get around 'cause I like to move freely(I don't, I don't)But you could lock it down, I could tell by how you treat me(I don't, I don't)I seen how you did homeboy, so please take it easy (No, yeah)Good to have me on your side, I ain't sayin' that you need me (Yeah, yeah)Six God talk but I ain't tryna get preachy (No, no, no)I seen how you did homeboy, please take it easier on me'Cause I don't wanna (No) play no games, play no games(I don't wanna, I don't wanna)I don't wanna play no games, play no games(I don't, I don't)[Outro: Chris Brown]I don't, I don'tNo
tchikita Haddar
tchikita Haddar Today, 14:59
Comment je le kiff ce B <3 le best depuis toujours
gonzalo Gomez
gonzalo Gomez Today, 14:58
the realest eva! best R&B artist of this time in my opinion... probs for chris!!!!
chafik souna
chafik souna Today, 14:42
When that boi said he told me to tell you,Kevin hart's story with his teacher nd cursing for the 1st time came to ma mind 😂
Maztick Moldz
Maztick Moldz Today, 14:36
cheese asf
Peter Nyström
Peter Nyström Today, 14:27
No Guidance, as he didn´t read the manaul how not to Punch and beat up people?
FideTrainer NET
FideTrainer NET Today, 14:21
8:15 for a moment I thought it was rope work, but now looks like he was doing his chris brownies
Mary jacob
Mary jacob Today, 13:54
Chris loves Michael can see he dance like him in all his videos 🤩🤩🤩👌👌👍
AceJ's World
AceJ's World Today, 13:53
Are Drake and Tory cool though???Cant wait for that collabo though Tory Lanez X Drake
Excellent Business Marketing
Excellent Business Marketing Today, 13:51
Only came here as Drake was a feature. You know its gonna be 🔥
Money Maker I.E. Door Dasher
Money Maker I.E. Door Dasher Today, 13:40
Dope collaboration! Hope many more to come. Stop the beef!
Mlungisi Today, 13:36
Ronie Lovelace
Ronie Lovelace Today, 13:19
It's good to see these two young Brothers come together for the common cause music they differences aside and work together I like this
Quentin McGhee
Quentin McGhee Today, 13:15
2:40 the best shin I ever seen!
jayden hargrave
jayden hargrave Today, 13:14
Tes Set
Tes Set Today, 12:54
Domestic abuse and child grooming team up to give the whole world AIDS, what a gamer moment!
DB1 Today, 12:52
darline mack
darline mack Today, 12:48
Chris Brown really does love lightskin womens I see..woww!
Lily Renee
Lily Renee Today, 12:46
breezy the snake coming out 😂😂
John Snow
John Snow Today, 12:34
Better version of the usher tyrese joint. Squad goals.
Sheila Cherop
Sheila Cherop Today, 12:28
There was no other way they could have done it better in ending their beef by releasing a comic video I love it. ❤️ From 🇰🇪 Kenya
Deli Today, 12:28
This is honestly so bad, fck chris brown that woman beating rapist. Fuck Drake too
0netyr Today, 12:25
Chris Brown look like tupac and Prince at the same time..😆 😆 Drake won the dance battle 😆 😆
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