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Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez Today, 21:09
One of Cynthia Maria Angelica Rodriguez favorite songs all her short life she was in love with him miss you sis I know after you died you stay around me in case I ever needed you I can't see you but I can feel your spirit around me .....
Leonardo Gabriel Lang
Leonardo Gabriel Lang Today, 20:06
Algum BR em 2019?
PC Virtual HD SUSCRIBETEツ Today, 20:01
Dominicana's got Talent🇩🇴
DeninhoJovi Today, 19:29
Rumo a um bilhão de visualizações , porque música boa não fica velha .
Do primeiro ao ultimo
Do primeiro ao ultimo Today, 19:27
Elizabeth Doncel
Elizabeth Doncel Today, 19:05
Esta muy cool este video el solo de eslash es muy chevere
Ester Kich
Ester Kich Today, 18:55
O Thyago é lindo e gostoso
BlueJayWay GT
BlueJayWay GT Today, 18:48
Can we all just visit this everyday so we can get to 1 billion easily?
Meldy Sur
Meldy Sur Today, 18:21
Still watching!!!
christian licaros
christian licaros Today, 18:12
nagppt wrow
nagppt wrow Today, 17:40
2.31- 3.37 solo
Turma Animal
Turma Animal Today, 17:39
3:44 Izzy playing DRUM?
Andrey829 Today, 17:39
Alguien Más? Que le mama esta canción?
paulss yy
paulss yy Today, 15:50
Lets get this song 1 BILLION till the end of 2019
newbie gaming
newbie gaming Today, 14:55
guitar hero bring me here
Terry Witkowski
Terry Witkowski Today, 13:53
I wonder happened to Axle Rose and Thrash?
Elmer Santos
Elmer Santos Today, 13:45
Eterno fã , trilha sonora da minha adolescência
Herdiansyah 112
Herdiansyah 112 Today, 13:01
Apakah hanya gw orang indonesia disini
Pertamax7 Today, 12:50
Som3 Rand0m Guyy
Som3 Rand0m Guyy Today, 11:15
Came from PBB (Pinoy Big Brother
Ishaan Dogra
Ishaan Dogra Today, 11:09
Slash's solos motivate me a lot, I almost forgot to leave the metro station.
Shanna Today, 09:09
Ginny Vapes
Ginny Vapes Today, 08:17
Yea I noticed some cuts. I think theres another vid showing him dancing more :)
Jlouige Asna
Jlouige Asna Today, 07:57
Lintang gunara
Lintang gunara Today, 07:42
Anggaputra 17
Anggaputra 17 Today, 07:11
1B? Here we come
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne Today, 07:04
Who's your favorite guitaristMe:SlashWho's your favorite rock starMe:SlashWho's your favorite Gnr band member?Me:SlashWTF!!!CAN YOU THINK OF ANOTHER NAME ASIDE FROM SLASH!ME:SAUL HUDSON!WHO'S THAT?ME:Hahahaha sorry dude you're busted. He's still slash my friend😂
Rebe Chania
Rebe Chania Today, 06:45
Toxic Lucid
Toxic Lucid Today, 06:43
0%order 0%aconplishments0%beer20%skill30%slash70%drugs
Wildflower 7914
Wildflower 7914 Today, 06:17
Still one of my favorites!!!❤️💋❤️🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Alvaro Cartes
Alvaro Cartes Today, 06:10
Lucia Phillips
Lucia Phillips Today, 05:46
Love this song. Great to reminisce
Daniel Correia
Daniel Correia Today, 05:43
Guns é foda cerveja gelada mais esse som pode parar o tempo agora
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Today, 05:31
Lana Emily
Lana Emily Today, 05:17
Tyler Barnett
Tyler Barnett Today, 05:04
this music is wayyy better than nowadays shite
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh Today, 04:08
La mejor canción que puede haber ♥️
victor batista
victor batista Today, 03:49
Puta nostalgia !
ShaDOOOUU X Today, 03:46
2:33 Best Solo in the world
HumbleNotepad Today, 03:44
Rock singers are not attractive like they used to be in the 80s, Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi had THE look 😂
Marcelo Vasconcelo
Marcelo Vasconcelo Today, 03:43
aiden one
aiden one Today, 02:59
sound dude! we is on saaame page!!
Eskii NZL
Eskii NZL Today, 02:51
Rest easy papa, hopefully you can heae my speaker blasting up there, cause i cant turn it up any louder
AMANDA RINCON Today, 02:39
2018? 2019? 2020? 1991? 9741? 1833?
Lesa Lieck
Lesa Lieck Today, 01:35
My loves; 3/16, *8/9, 3/9 .
Timo Today, 01:17
Why is there no music like this anymore
sbarcer Today, 01:08
John Gray
John Gray Today, 00:55
What can you say don't get any better tucking brilliant
Lucas Paulo
Lucas Paulo Today, 00:47
GTA san ?
Olli Levomäki
Olli Levomäki Today, 00:45
Axl Rose and The All band was really rockin at eightees when this song was written and my band was playing
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