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Jini Today, 21:01
Is she whispering or am I just losing my hearing?
Emily Hayes
Emily Hayes Today, 20:45
i have a better phone than lana del rey lmfao what
Adelya Serikbay
Adelya Serikbay Today, 20:43
what’s if she has lots of phones, and an iphone 6 is just for looking at the lyrics🥴
Turschakop Koptu
Turschakop Koptu Today, 20:39
we all have to be honest! She’s definitely not a good singer, but there’s something about ha voice and she’s more famous for ha breathy and whisper singing style kinda voice.
Ferdinard Chris
Ferdinard Chris Today, 20:34
is it just me or is her ring glowing😑
Tu Vieja
Tu Vieja Today, 20:24
This woman is amazing
GrantSmithMusic Today, 20:23
Wow Lana sounds so different in this she absolutely slayed this performance ❤️😍😍😍
》U M A Y M A T A H S E E N 《
》U M A Y M A T A H S E E N 《 Today, 20:19
* is a millionaire ** but still wears casual clothes and has an iphone 6 * lana del ray everyone !!!
Letícia Alves
Letícia Alves Today, 20:16
I love that she made it sound like it's her own song
Grace Kirk
Grace Kirk Today, 20:08
i love this
drink clorox and die
drink clorox and die Today, 20:08
She actually sang very nice....her mic was set very low.
Khushi Niroula
Khushi Niroula Today, 20:02
50% of the comment is about the phone she is carrying🤣iphone6....
sophie bornes
sophie bornes Today, 19:56
only thing lana and i have in common is our iphone 6
xc_indy Today, 19:54
when you can buy all of the iPhones but choose not to:don’t @ me, I love lana
Syafina Suhaimi
Syafina Suhaimi Today, 19:53
i came here and i was expecting something great from Lana but oppsss-
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Today, 19:51
She doesn’t even know the lyrics
dave Today, 19:49
Leave it to the expert
石頭許 Today, 19:43
Robin Andrew
Robin Andrew Today, 19:36
I love how she still has an iphone 6 (I’m also using an iphone 6, yay I don’t feel poor.)
Rhianna Grande
Rhianna Grande Today, 19:33
I love how she didn’t even know the lyrics lmao
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston Today, 19:28
I'm not sure how but that was actually worse than the original. Shame cuz I was really excited for a diff take
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez Today, 19:17
There's no group of people more delusional than Lana dey rey fans. They really overestimate her singing ability. Shes like grimes the visuals are her best trait. Her singing is second to that. I can name 30 singers that could sing this better than her. Stop trying to blame bbcradio for her lack of talent before we start linking her live performances.
Caydon S
Caydon S Today, 19:11
50% of the comments: is that an IPHONE 6? Wowwww we living in 180250% of the comments: WHAT is that audio we can't even hear herMe: Yaaaaasssss Lana POP that SQUAT
____meikossi Ssi
____meikossi Ssi Today, 19:04
Damn i love how they make it sounded so cosy and aesthetic in way! Fact I did search for this cover at Spotify damn cool ❤️
needyforgrandeee Today, 19:03
breaking news: over 1 million girls who had a boyfriend are now single
Tais Nepomuceno
Tais Nepomuceno Today, 18:52
Ficou muito melhor nessa versão. Me lembra a Amy Winehouse
ivette santander
ivette santander Today, 18:49
Hugo Reyes
Hugo Reyes Today, 18:48
She needs to put out songs like this
Dana . Y
Dana . Y Today, 18:33
Eva Eilea
Eva Eilea Today, 18:31
The sound is so bad what a shame
Rae Baxter
Rae Baxter Today, 18:25
why the hell does she have to look at lyrics
StrangerthingsGotJams ii
StrangerthingsGotJams ii Today, 18:20
How is she this pretty and can sing
hentai hentai
hentai hentai Today, 18:12
Jasper Sanga
Jasper Sanga Today, 18:11
How come i didn't know about this😤😭
Shuya Alisha
Shuya Alisha Today, 18:07
am i deaf
Undrakh Ry
Undrakh Ry Today, 18:02
Love it
Bla bla Blood blob
Bla bla Blood blob Today, 17:52
Can someone turn the volume up on her 🎤
Aleyna Durusoy
Aleyna Durusoy Today, 17:46
Where is the song? Like a shit
Sadam Saputra
Sadam Saputra Today, 17:33
Better than original.
amber loves to cry for her idols, bye
amber loves to cry for her idols, bye Today, 17:11
Tamanna Sharma
Tamanna Sharma Today, 17:01
divorce your wife cause im bored
abab Ccd
abab Ccd Today, 16:57
Why everyone talk about her iPhone 6 instead of her talent, duh!
Ariana__updatee Xox
Ariana__updatee Xox Today, 16:39
Aris way better
j-slay Today, 16:38
i love how she adds her own elements to it
Chanthamat Chumnaen
Chanthamat Chumnaen Today, 16:31
I wish she could dress up like Lizzy Grant again... 😘
musicalman1995 Today, 16:25
Ugh this is piss.
Anastasia Chernishova
Anastasia Chernishova Today, 16:21
Didn’t know I have the same phone Lana has 😍
Daniela _
Daniela _ Today, 16:18
Am I the only one who thinks that this songs really doesn‘t fit her voice?
Engelyn Empasis
Engelyn Empasis Today, 16:09
So soft and smooth💗
Magui C.M.
Magui C.M. Today, 16:08
she made the song even sexier
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