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Graciela Ruiz Martinez
Graciela Ruiz Martinez Today, 21:21
Alguien que hable español?
Yuniy _963
Yuniy _963 Today, 21:20
big wings :/
Reina de dragones
Reina de dragones Today, 21:16
Me Cage de miedo se activaron mis subtítulos solos
Sean OHerron
Sean OHerron Today, 21:16
I thought she was going to fly
music men
music men Today, 21:15
i am so lonely
shera Today, 21:14
what about "bad guy" ?
Gajin Wilk
Gajin Wilk Today, 21:11
I need one person to listen to my music please. Everyone always ignores me and it sucks 🤕
Osman yalçın Alever
Osman yalçın Alever Today, 21:10
Adrian Samano
Adrian Samano Today, 21:09
Iluminati shit.. 🤮🤮
L W Today, 21:09
Nigga df I jus watch
Killadude 808
Killadude 808 Today, 21:07
So she was an angel but then she turned into a fallen angel
LunarSpace Today, 21:06
Notice how she says "God herself" Billie is a Ariana Grande fan Ariana has a song called 'God Is A Woman'👏👏👏👏👏
ABDullah Ehsan
ABDullah Ehsan Today, 21:06
This girl is certified devil agent I am telling you she's working for them. Yes Them!
Olivia gorg
Olivia gorg Today, 21:02
All Arabs love you and they hear your songs and I'm obsessed with you.
Melissa Moosesea
Melissa Moosesea Today, 21:01
billie falls exactly in that dirty um idk? im thinking: how?
Hoffi 1504
Hoffi 1504 Today, 21:00
I watched this, now i want to kill myself bc depression
alexis bellows
alexis bellows Today, 20:59
i love it it is bootiful
unicorndeni Today, 20:58
idk this video is just weird and gross. i really love the song, it's one of my favorites on the album but wtf is this even
Mara Izzda
Mara Izzda Today, 20:58
Jemand deutsch hier ?? Wenn ja like
Eddie Lacson Jr.
Eddie Lacson Jr. Today, 20:57
Android 2531
Android 2531 Today, 20:56
Кто смотрит чтобы понять мемы у олеже?
no nose llama
no nose llama Today, 20:56
Que vacan
Виктор Го
Виктор Го Today, 20:56
Кто узнал про Беляша после Урганта ставим "дис" лайк
Hamza Jenifi
Hamza Jenifi Today, 20:54
But you're a bad guy!
jessica Cardoso
jessica Cardoso Today, 20:53
Vc é demoníaca?
Dr. Nefario
Dr. Nefario Today, 20:53
"Hills burn in California" "once the water starts to rise" this song is like a poem for the climate.
Duhawmi Zadeng
Duhawmi Zadeng Today, 20:52
Ahh~ Love the connection with 'Bury a friend' tho UwU
i don't have CONTENT
i don't have CONTENT Today, 20:50
Fucking illuminati
Pepe Pro
Pepe Pro Today, 20:48
Tienes un puto pedo mental
Mr. Fishbread
Mr. Fishbread Today, 20:47
My new favorite Billie Eilish song
jharef gamer
jharef gamer Today, 20:47
Alguien español?
МиЛаНчИк UWU Today, 20:45
Русские вы есть здесь??
Marcela Duarte Muñoz
Marcela Duarte Muñoz Today, 20:44
Billie eres la mejor 😉
Oleg Sib
Oleg Sib Today, 20:43
uncommon trash
Mark ass Brownlee
Mark ass Brownlee Today, 20:43
Wtf is this
maniiac maniiac
maniiac maniiac Today, 20:41
Stupid video and billie to .!!
Alan TikToks
Alan TikToks Today, 20:40
I feel like ima die
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Today, 20:40
Producer: How many kids do you want to scar for life Billie: Yes
Jose Santos
Jose Santos Today, 20:39
Neta que pedo con esta men haciendo canciones cada mas diabolicas ta loca diganme de que marihuana tiene
LunarSpace Today, 20:39
Reads Title Me: Ha, I'm not good. I cheated on a test once.
Therealbakugou AJ
Therealbakugou AJ Today, 20:38
at first i thought she grew kagune this is not the first time hearing the song but i is the first time of me seeing the video
Vincent Cuibus
Vincent Cuibus Today, 20:37
Diana Frehs
Diana Frehs Today, 20:35
Я одна видела баб в огне???
cucozu 3
cucozu 3 Today, 20:33
Duolingo Today, 20:32
Those are the coolest wings I've ever seen!
Maryiam Hussain
Maryiam Hussain Today, 20:32
So... Does Billie really believe in Satan?????
ẞayel ẞ.
ẞayel ẞ. Today, 20:31
Хуй говно бог тебя накажет за твою пенсю
thewolfetones Today, 20:31
Billie Eilish: Devil wingsCamila Cabelo: Angel wingsMe: Chicken wings
XVG Alien
XVG Alien Today, 20:30
My Lucifer is lonely
Karl Logan
Karl Logan Today, 20:27
Total shit
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