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Rayan Aibache
Rayan Aibache Today, 21:00
Comment: lover (Taylors )Like : don't call me angel (Ariana grand )🤔🤔
Aditya Sahay
Aditya Sahay Today, 20:56
it's such a soothing song.
lavender moon magick
lavender moon magick Today, 20:41
i dedicate this song to my non-existent husband
Naice Parr
Naice Parr Today, 20:40
diosaylor 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Laurita Garza !
Laurita Garza ! Today, 20:35
i’m not a big fan of her music but this song is just 🔥🔥🔥 i love it 😍😍
Anand Jeyasingh
Anand Jeyasingh Today, 20:32
wanted to see taylors face clearly in the glass tank
Vinyl D.
Vinyl D. Today, 20:20
this is actually an amazing song and it becomes better with every listen.
Tigerstar1 Beglau
Tigerstar1 Beglau Today, 20:09
❤I love u Taylor❤
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser Today, 20:08
Nice...... sweet...... I love it Taylor
Pujita Rao
Pujita Rao Today, 20:03
This song makes me feel so happy...
Aurelia Cook
Aurelia Cook Today, 19:59
Tay Tay your b day is dec, 13th that's my birthday I am you biggest fan even though I'm am only 9 I really want come to one of your concerts
Jaleh Brown
Jaleh Brown Today, 19:52
I love this song so much. My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 years and can’t ever seem to live in the same place. When I miss him I dance in my kitchen to this song and it feels like he is here. I hope she makes more songs like this one.
Hạnh Pham van
Hạnh Pham van Today, 19:52
Lâu quá
teresa z
teresa z Today, 19:49
Me: sitting on my bed listening to this song trying to sing and act out the actions with my dogMy dog: smacks me and runs away😂
Samim Dewan
Samim Dewan Today, 19:40
Niru i love u
Duphhè Today, 19:40
Imagine slow dancing with your love one ☹❤
Aysha Today, 19:40
Thing that hurts the most is how Joe Alwyn is geting credit for such a beautiful song when he has nothing to do with it, the song is clearly not about him.
Ailton Barreto
Ailton Barreto Today, 19:38
She is amazing! perfect voice and unbelievable beauty.
Nitian mtech
Nitian mtech Today, 19:29
Joanie Barc
Joanie Barc Today, 19:24
Is this an attempt to bridge the divide?.
Spirit Today, 19:20
How much reverb?Taylor: yes.
One Direction Forever
One Direction Forever Today, 19:02
Taylor Swift marathan. Anyone?
Alex So
Alex So Today, 18:47
Dannyboy 696
Dannyboy 696 Today, 18:32
I think she should go on tour way tool that would be a dream team tour
Equinox Rep
Equinox Rep Today, 18:29
I love this song, and the Singer. PLEASE TAYLOR COME TO THE PHILIPPINES
kylee ann
kylee ann Today, 18:22
1:07 definitely had that Teardrops On My Guitar vibes. Laying down, holding an acoustic guitar, + all the green.
maria harlene go palsis
maria harlene go palsis Today, 18:18
Love it..watched before billion views
harry varner
harry varner Today, 18:17
The number one no talent!
tenorbuds Today, 17:57
Hey Taylor, we did a cover. Hope you like it. I'm definitely gonna play this song at my wedding.
Claudia Cordiglia
Claudia Cordiglia Today, 17:56
Hermosoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😍
Cattitude 13
Cattitude 13 Today, 17:56
Watch Now Mother's daughter Miley Cyrus 💕💕💕
Cattitude 13
Cattitude 13 Today, 17:55
Watch Now Slide Away Miley Cyrus 🌊🌊🌊
M - Bangla Tech
M - Bangla Tech Today, 17:48
100,000 subscribers with no video challenge
100,000 subscribers with no video challenge Today, 17:42
Taylor Swift: We can leave our Christmas lights up until January~Me: PFFT please sweetie, we leave ours up until MARCH. Fite me.
Rick Pritchard
Rick Pritchard Today, 17:31
oh yes, i’m so excited. Totally boring life for a lot of losers out there
hel frae
hel frae Today, 17:27
adi priyanto
adi priyanto Today, 17:25
Brebes hadir....
ainhoa. mn
ainhoa. mn Today, 17:09
myy loveee
faris cah semen Faris
faris cah semen Faris Today, 17:04
When are you coming to indonesia🇲🇨🇲🇨
Marc Golez
Marc Golez Today, 16:51
I love this song through my soul😍
Pampa Khisa
Pampa Khisa Today, 16:41
Paradise Pineapple!
Paradise Pineapple! Today, 16:40
Fake Taylor Swift fans say that they miss the old Taylor But the real Taylor Swift fans know that the old Taylor never left ❤️🎤🎼
bottles no
bottles no Today, 16:39
Bart baker was better
It's neruta mgrx
It's neruta mgrx Today, 16:33
Still watching😍.And gonna watch everyday
Rawan Mamdouh
Rawan Mamdouh Today, 16:32
Rawan Mamdouh
Rawan Mamdouh Today, 16:32
Rawan Mamdouh
Rawan Mamdouh Today, 16:32
Rawan Mamdouh
Rawan Mamdouh Today, 16:32
EdwardTheCavalier AndMe
EdwardTheCavalier AndMe Today, 16:29
Omg this reminds me of childhood friend I plan to be his lover one day :)
blushy maira
blushy maira Today, 16:29
Omg thank you for this song i really love it i feel so in love ♥️😭 i miss my boyfriend!!
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